How to Sell a House in 10 Days (With Kids)

Disclosure :: Staging and selling a house with kids in it is no easy task. Chelsea Meng, a full-time Realtor at CJ Brown, shares her top tips for how to sell a house with kids in this sponsored post. 

How to Sell a House in 10 Days (With Kids)

Ok, so I can’t promise that your house will sell in 10 days, but as a Realtor and a mom, I’ve learned a few things about what makes buyers how-to-sell-a-house-with-kidsenvision their sofa in your living room and what makes buyers trip over your legos running back out the front door. Selling your home is hard, but selling your home with rambunctious kids is even harder.

Here are some tips and to dos to keep your house “show ready” while it’s on the market. The ultimate goal is for it to sell after as few showings as possible so you can take your sanity and your little angel’s Barbie Dream House to YOUR dream house*

Decluttering :: Put extra items that you don’t need into boxes, tape them up, label them and get them out of the house. Consider it getting a head start on packing.

  • Clear off ALL countertops. Coffee pots, your kid’s handprint tile from Mother’s Day, knives, soap dispensers, etc.
  • Most of the toys need to be “out of sight out of mind.” Keep a few in the closet or dresser drawers, but most need to be packed and out.
  • Get rid of knick knacks and excess “things.” Your grandmother’s antique spoon collection is beautiful and special to YOU, but probably not to buyers. Leave just a few picture frames and décor items out.  Try to make things as neutral as possible.
  • Clean out your closets, but don’t get too crazy. I’ve never been a stickler for making sellers only have one outfit to wear to work while the house is for sale. Clear out enough so that buyers can see the size of the closet and envision enough space for their things.

*Buyers without children or pets want to picture a house without children or pets. Clearing out those items will help them to see the house as their own.

Staging :: Making sure that your house is staged correctly is important. You want the home to appear lived in but not LIVED in.

  • Clear out bulky furniture and keep remaining furniture from blocking windows, fireplace, and other stand out features.
  • Natural light is EXTREMELY important. If you have heavy, dark drapes … take them down. Unless your house is the set of a new Twilight movie … then we might understand. (Still take them down, though).
  • Try to not have any “themed” rooms. Your husband might have to sacrifice having his Star Wars “man cave” for a few weeks.  Make the rooms as neutral as possible. I tell sellers that they don’t have to repaint a room unless it’s extreme. This goes for the outside of the house as well. When in doubt, GWG; go with greige.

Cleaning and Organizing :: Another difficult but important task is keeping the house clean and presentable while it’s on the market. Throw kids into the mix, and it gets dicey. Lack of toys makes it somewhat easier, but that won’t stop them from squirting ketchup on the floors or coloring on the walls.  Most Realtors will try to schedule appointments to show your house a day ahead of time, but you should be prepared for the last minute call “can I show your house RIGHT NOW?” Having these things done ahead of time can help with the stress:

  • Keep all mirrors clean
  • Keep countertops wiped down
  • Keep carpet and floors vacuumed and swept
  • Light a candle or spray air freshener (smell is VERY important, especially if you have pets)
  • Leave sink free of dirty dishes
  • Have beds made and throw pillows neatly put out
  • Try to keep the yard cut and bushes trimmed…the first impression is everything

*Have a little caddy with countertop & window cleaners, a dust cloth, air freshener, etc. handy to save time*

Final Touches: Here are a few extra reminders to help give your house a little “umpf” and a possible edge over the competition:

  • Turn on all lamps and ceiling fans before you leave everyday
  • Have the air turned down so it doesn’t feel stuffy
  • Have all curtains and blinds open so buyers can see the natural light as soon as they walk in the door
  • Plant a few colorful flowers in the flowerbeds…they can be cheap. Flowers make everyone happy.
  • Confirm all appointments! Chances are that the buyers wanting to see your house probably have four other houses that they are seeing at the same time. If you decline that appointment, consider those buyers lost
  • Make sure that your Realtor gets professional pictures taken of your house. This makes a HUGE difference!

Yes, I’m a Realtor, but I’m also a mother of young children. So, I get it. I listed my house with a 2 year old, and I feel your pain. It’s not easy, but following these simple steps and hiring the right Realtor as your guide will make all the difference.

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ChelseaMengChelsea Meng is a full-time Realtor at CJ Brown in the Greater Baton Rouge area.  She is also a wife and a mother of a full of life 3 year old boy, a sassy 1 year old girl, and a rambunctious collie named Huckleberry.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, and cheering on the LSU Tigers.  Her background in Property Management and Interior Design started her path to a career in Real Estate.  In her first 3 years she quickly achieved success being awarded “Platinum Top Producer” award and being elected by her peers to “Agent’s Council”.  She serves on committees at the Greater Baton Rouge Board of Realtors and regularly attends their events and training classes.  To share her knowledge with her peers, she teaches monthly classes for other agents in her company.  This year, Chelsea traveled to D.C. to attend the National Association of Realtors Legislative Conference.  One of her passions is to fight for the rights of homeownership and the American Dream.  She is also an active member of the community, volunteering for Junior Achievement, Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge, and many other activities that help to strengthen the Baton Rouge community.  Chelsea’s commitment to her clients is to provide impeccable service, new ideas, honest advice, and a listening ear.  She is ready to help you with all of your Real Estate needs.



  1. Perfect advice! Chelsea is our realtor and I followed all of her pointers and we sold our house in less than a week and only 4 showings. Not going to lie… It wasn’t easy. I also didn’t have small children, but I do have a husband that pretty much qualifies, a teenager and 2 cats and a dog. I’m positive that if I had a realtor that wasn’t at the top of her game and lacked Chelsea’s top notch advice, the process would have been a lot slower.


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