Six Things to Organize Before School Starts

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Six Things to Organize Before School Starts

Six Things to Organize Before School Starts
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With summer winding down, there are a few organizing tasks that can help create a smooth transition back to school. As a professional organizer, right here in Baton Rouge, here are the six areas that I recommend you focus on organizing before school starts.

School uniforms

 Pull out all of the uniforms, shoes, belts, and jackets from last year and check the sizes. Have your children try on what you’re not sure about and set aside anything that doesn’t fit to donate. Double check your school’s uniform policy before purchasing anything in case things have changed. Schedule a date on your calendar to go uniform shopping (or just order online – it’s so much easier).

School supplies

 When I say school supplies, I’m talking notebooks, pens, markers etc., but I’m also talking about backpacks and lunchboxes. Pull out all of your school supplies and make note of what you already have. Get a supply list from your child’s school and mark off what you already have. Go ahead and order whatever else is needed and even a few backups to keep at home. If you don’t have a designated school supply area, consider creating one. This will come in handy when your child inevitably tells you about a project “they just found out about” that’s due tomorrow!


 We strive to create independent and capable children. We love designating a “kid drawer” in our client’s kitchens for their children to have easy access to their things.  In the kid drawer, we like to store water bottles, lunch containers, and even lunchboxes. In the pantry, create a breakfast station for easy access for those busy mornings and a designated station for lunch packing. Choose shelves and drawers that are lower so your kids can reach and learn to pack their own lunches and make their own breakfast. Parenting win!

How to get organized?


 This area can quickly become cluttered with backpacks, shoes, and afterschool activities. Take the time now to declutter your entryway and give each child a designated space. Hang hooks for backpacks and jackets. Use baskets to contain anything needed for afterschool activities and school shoes.

Family Calendar

 Whether it’s digital or a traditional wall calendar, start adding important events to it. If possible, get a school calendar and put in all holidays, half days, and anything else that needs to be remembered. Make sure to use a shared calendar if you’re going digital, that way everyone (cough cough your husband) knows what’s going on.

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 Have you gone through your child’s papers from last year? Don’t be surprised while going through school supplies if you find some old schoolwork in that backpack! Take the time to go through any school papers from last year and only keep the most special of projects from your child. If you don’t already have one, create a memory box to house artwork, writings, awards, and photos and keep it in your child’s closet. Make sure it’s easily accessible to add things throughout the year.

To contain the paper clutter throughout the year, create a system for your incoming papers and set a designated time each day or week to purge and put away anything you want to keep.

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