Spicing Up Your Thanksgiving with Free Printables


I love the holidays for many reasons, and getting a chance to host family and friends is definitely high on that list.  Now, while my cooking may not be up to the normal standards of a typical host, I can whip up a few print items that make celebrating a holiday just a little more festive and personal for all involved.


I’m no stranger to designing and printing out lots of things that will only get thrown away in a matter of hours, but that’s not the point.  I absolutely love seeing people’s reactions when they realize something is personalized or made just for them.


So this year for Thanksgiving, while it may not be my turn to cook the turkey, I still wanted to create something special for moms who are hosting this year.  If I can make the holiday any easier for you by having a place to plan your menu or adding an extra touch to your sweet potato casserole (or even napkins!) by having a cute tag, then my job is done!

So here is your very own FREE Thanksgiving Printable Package to do with what you please! In this 8-page printable, you will find:

rsmb_pdf-iconFood labels
  Dessert banner
  Coloring sheet for kids
  Straw flags
  Place cards
  Gratitude tree tags
  Napkin rings
  Menu sign

And maybe in exchange, one of you mommas can teach me the proper way to cook a turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

[To use this FREE Printable Package, click on the image above or right here.]

What are some of the ways that you like to make your Thanksgiving more meaningful? 

Jenny lives with her husband, Joel, and their sons, Judah and Jonas, in Zachary, a suburb north of Baton Rouge. She works part-time as an editor and her favorite part of the week is when she gets to exchange her pencil skirt for yoga pants and pretend to be a SAHM for a few days. When she’s not toting her sons around town or saving her toddler's life one head dive off the couch at a time, she is designing invitations, stationery, and logos for local moms, brides, and professionals. Jenny’s been married since 2007, and she and Joel welcomed Judah into their lives in April 2012 and Jonas in March 2015. She loves to squeeze in as many date nights as possible and spends her free time chronicling her family’s adventures and recent designs on her personal blog, the Gilberts.


  1. This is an amazing collection! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    and re: Turkey-

    for me, it is as simple as cleaning the turkey, (washing outside, taking giblets out, etc) and then coating the skin with a little extra virgin olive oil and tony chachere’s (ok, a lot of tony chachere’s) and then putting it in the infrared “fryer” for a few hours… and VOILA! it’s done.

    Good stuff. Go get one of those infrared cookers, they are AWESOME!! (and save a lot of calories, too!!!)

    • Thanks so much Andie! I hope you enjoy them!

      And I’ll have to write down that recipe–I’m so lost when it comes to cooking. I may just have to add that cooker to my wish list! 🙂


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