Suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome?

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Suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome?

Did you know that dry eye affects up to 33% of all women?

There are a lot of factors that amplify the symptoms including the changing weather (which we know all too well here in Baton Rouge), screen time, systematic medications like antihistamines and antidepressants, and normal hormonal changes.

So how do you know if you have dry eye syndrome? Sandy, scratchy, foreign body feeling on the ocular surface is a huge indicator, but so too is eye redness, frequent blinking to alleviate blurry vision, and excessive watering of the eyes.

Wait, excessive watering can indicate dry eyes? Yes! Your body produces two types of tears. Baseline and Reflex. Baseline is what’s always on the front surface of your eye and can/should be modified by your body. For example, if it’s dry outside, you should produce more baseline tears and vice versa. Reflex tears, on the other hand, are your body’s response to being emotional, in pain, etc. These tears are produced in excessive amounts very quickly, thus leading to them overflowing the lid and running down your cheek. When someone’s baseline tear film is low and they’re put into a challenging environment that includes wind, dryness, or excessive screen time, the eyes may start watering to make up for the low baseline tear level. Thus, watery eyes can indicate dry eyes.

So, what can be done about dry eyes? Lots! The other good news is most of the treatments for dry eye are covered by your medical insurance. It’s important to talk to an eye care provider about the best solution but even a simple warm compress on the eyes can provide a lot of relief. For more severe cases, lid physical therapy may be recommended to alleviate symptoms.

During a dry eye evaluation at Williamson Eye Center, non-invasive tests will be performed to prepare a Crystal Tear Report which will explain everything you need to know to develop a treatment plan with your doctor.

Ready for dry eye relief? Williamson’s Dry Eye Center of Excellence is the only place in Louisiana with the most advanced testing and therapy for dry eye. Call today to schedule an exam 225-924-2020 or chat with us online at to learn more!


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