Supporting Your Children’s School

So you want to be more involved with your child’s school?

how to be more involved in your child's schoolThat’s great!! I’m sure the faculty and staff would appreciate it. It’s so important to be involved with the schools that educate and shape our children’s future. The more invested parents are, the more efficient the schools can be.

Take an index of your attributes. What can you personally add to your school’s well-being? Is it time, money, car, gardening, painting, photography, etc? What are you good at? What do you love? Are you a fabulous public speaker or a great mural painter? Can you read a story with energy and zest? Make a list of what you can do.

Use your positive attributes to contribute. Use a list of your attributes and determine how they can benefit the school. Write them out in as short a format as possible. Everything is important.

Contact the schools or drop in to let them know your availability. Let them know what you are able to contribute to the school. After informing them of what you are able to contribute, ask what they need. You may be able to help in ways you did not previously consider. They may contact you sooner than you think.

Join your parent / teacher / school organization. These organizations are invaluable. They are able to organize the parents to support the schools. Instead of working alone, they are able to put groups / individuals together. They have meetings to discuss ways to support the schools by donating, volunteering, and fundraising. Oftentimes, they have large events to show the faculty and staff appreciation, raise money for the school, and create experiences for the students.

Also, add the schools and the parent / teacher / school organization on your social media. They may post volunteer opportunities online faster than they may be able to contact individuals.

Then after you’ve contacted the schools and the local parent / teacher / school organization, be prepared to do what they need. It may be coffee and lunch runs, making copies and delivering them around the school, and helping direct students. Never forget, everyone loves a gift card. As long as you are available with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart, the schools will appreciate you. So will the students.


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