Surviving Summer :: Tips from a Teacher

“I am not going to make it ALL summer with my kids home.”

“I count down the days until they return to school.”

I hear it ALL. THE. TIME. I am so sure that many of you can relate. It is overwhelming to have your kiddos, with such short attention spans, and such loud voices, home all summer.

I am here to give you all the early childhood educator tips that will make your summer a little less chaotic and a little more enjoyable.

My favorite advice to ever give is: FIND A ROUTINE.

I know, easier said than done…BUT…it can be done!

Start with the little things, meals at the same time each day.

This adjust your child’s mind and body to meet your timeline. Children feel a sense of calm and security when they know what is happening and when.

Next, pencil in some outdoor time.

It can be something different every day but get outside!! Chalk, bike, bubbles, scooters, walk the dogs, swim, etc. Outside time, in my opinion, fits best in the morning. Knock out some of that early morning energy being super active before the summer heat really sinks in.

Next, a parent pleaser here, add in some REST time.

Mid afternoon- the hottest part of the day, before or after a little snack, REST. Your kiddos can nap, watch some tv, read some books (bonus point if its in a blanket fort with a flashlight), cuddle and just take a break. Designating this mental break will save both you and your children mentally.

Lastly, SNACK, it is a must… at least for me!

Try and designate a snack time so that your kiddos do not feel the need to graze the pantry all day long- you KNOW they do not eat all day at school. It is okay to set this boundary. The best part about snack is that is can also be an activity.

bored child during summer

Here are just a few of my favorite snack activities that can all be done by YOUR kiddos.

Under the Sea Graham Crackers
Traffic Light Graham Crackers
Froyo Bites
Easy Fruit and Cracker Pizzas
Banana Peanut Butter Bites
Yogurt Unicorn Bark Toddler / Kid Favorite
Pancake Muffins
Easy Apple Fruit Donuts

AND when all else fails … because let’s face it- we are not all super mom every day of the year … put them to bed early, break out the wine and put your feet up.
Summer is hard. Being a mom is hard. You did your best!!!


Kelli DeLarue
Kelli DeLarue has never met a stranger. She is personable and enjoys learning new things—especially when it comes to navigating motherhood. Kelli and her husband, Carson, welcomed their first son, Henry, in August of 2020. Baby boy number two is on the way! Kelli‘s passion is teaching. She has been a teacher in the Baton Rouge area for four years. She just decided to hang up the teaching hat and go full time mom. She enjoys reading books to her son, eating great food with her husband, and going to mass with her family.. One of Kelli’s great joys is sharing advice, life hacks, and encouragement. She hopes that her blog posts can help fellow moms feel supported and welcomed.


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