The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Great Hair

As the title of this piece suggests when it comes to my hair I. AM. LAZY.

And it’s not just the “mom who has too much on her plate” lazy.  No, I can’t use that as an excuse because I have always been this way.

My mind literally boggles at the people who somehow manage to shower, blow-dry their hair, AND THEN use a curling iron to perfect their coiffure all before they start their day. Even when I worked a 9-5 job I couldn’t be bothered.

It was just so much work. 

Before work!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support this full-on lifestyle if that’s what you want and like. You do you, boo. And ya’ll are great at it! But, I have neither the patience nor the dexterity for it. (I have been burned one too many times).

And yet, my hair is one of my favorite things about myself.  And I think it looks pretty darn good.

My fabulous 4 day old hair. Please ignore my elder millennial awkward selfie face.

So, without further ado, here’s my lazy girl’s guide to great hair.

1. Start with a great REALISTIC cut.

I love blunt bangs, I really do, but I also know me with blunt bangs would be a disaster. I also adore those asymmetrical undercut pixies. But, those require COMMITMENT and, while I now love going to get my hair done, my hair grows too fast for this to be sustainable. Though, maybe one day….*wistful sigh*

The point is, pick something that works for your hair type, texture, and face shape. We’re lazy, not monsters.

Thankfully my goddess hairdresser knows the drill. I have hair that waffles between almost curly and vaguely wavy and she takes this into account when she cuts my hair. If the cut won’t look good if I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, then it isn’t the cut for me. I can count on one hand the number of times I blow dry my hair a year. Yes, that’s right. A….year. And a curling iron? Forget about it.

2. Don’t wash it.

Okay, here me out! I’m not saying never wash your hair, but try to limit washing it with shampoo to once or twice a week. I used to have the oiliest hair imaginable (like need-to- wash-everyday-sometimes-twice-a-day oily) But, it turns out my hair was getting so oily because I’d been stripping all of the natural moisturizer out of it. My hair and I went through some serious growing pains as I broke this habit and adjusted, but now I wash my hair twice a week with a silicone and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and it’s never been healthier. (I usually just rinse it out with water in between if I’ve exercised.)

3. Brush it.

This seems counterintuitive, I know. You’re probably scoffing at your computer screen right now. PSSHHH I thought she said she was LAZY?! I am! And brushing hair is easy. I usually brush my hair at night, right before a bath or shower to detangle, stimulate my scalp, and redistribute hair oils. (I use a boar bristle brush, but a nylon bristle brush would work great too!) This helps keep my hair healthy and cuts down on frizz while it’s air drying and allows for a greater likelihood of “I woke up like this” hair in the morning. I also have a tangle teezer brush I like to use in the shower.

4. Sleep on Silk.

This. This is absolutely the most important (and laziest) component in this lazy girl’s guide. Get yourself a silk pillowcase.

Ask my husband, I’m what you might call an aggressive sleeper. I move back and forth, constantly rolling from one side to another and I used to have atrocious cow licks because of it. Growing up, my hair was a veritable rat’s nest every morning (Think Anna’s wakeup hair from Frozen.)

Brushing alone couldn’t tame this bedhead. My hair had to be sprayed down into submission every morning in order to get it into some semblance of a style (who am I kidding. I just put it in a bun or a ponytail…unless it was too short) I had resigned myself to having meh hair for the rest of my life.

That is until I discovered the glory of a silk pillowcase.

Game. Changer.

I may or may not own three.

If you do nothing else, invest in this. My cowlicks are gone. I can wake up in the morning, fluff my hair and go. Sometimes, my hair looks better after I’ve slept on it.

And, bonus points, they are allegedly better for your skin!

Treat yourself like the queen you are! Embrace the bougie!

There are plenty of affordable options on Amazon and I’ve found the $25 two-pack works just as well as the much more expensive name brand.

And there you go!

Any more steps would be too much work 🙂

It might not be sleek and sophisticated, but I’ll take lazy and lived in hair any day. Also, why can’t I look at the camera?


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