The Un-Damsel in Distress

I’m sure you’ve seen her (you probably know her)–the female who thinks nothing is beyond her own ability. The female who can wipe the sweat and trudge along, the female who can negotiate her way out of or into whatever her heart desires, the female who is unstoppable.

These are the women who move mountains. They see an obstacle, and they get ready to jump it like an Olympic hurdler. Flat tire? She changes it on the side of the road in her heels and doesn’t even chip a polished fingernail. Diaper blowout? Everything is cleaned and disposed of gracefully without even a sigh of disgust. Corporate negotiations? She brings cookies and makes sure that the deal benefits everyone involved. Name whatever inconvenience you can think of and she sees it as a challenge with a glimmer in her eye, ready to take it on and master it.

These women are determined, slightly stubborn, very unwilling to admit defeat, and don’t ever dare to ask for help.

So, when they FINALLYYY do ask for help, they’ve reached their limit, they’re pegged out and have exhausted all measures of not needing your help. If you receive a call from one of these relentlessly independent types- just go. Just go provide whatever assistance they request. Oh, it’s your bedtime? It’s hers too, but she’s handling the crumbling world around her and she’s desperate, so she finally just worked up the nerve to call you. Just go help her.

She doesn’t need a lecture, she doesn’t need to you fuss or argue. She just needs your help. She’s beating herself up, she’s lecturing herself, she’s kicking herself for needing help at all, she’s regretting calling you right now because she’s scared you will turn her down.

She just needs you to come help, right now.

She doesn’t want to trouble you, she doesn’t want to feel like a burden, she doesn’t want you to tell her she did it wrong, she doesn’t want to interrupt your day or evening or sleep, she doesn’t want to even make the phone call. But the other things just won’t cooperate. The universe won’t let the stars align for her to just not need your help.

She just needs you to come help, right now.

She doesn’t want to feel defeated, she doesn’t want this inconvenience to overcome her, she doesn’t want to give up. She doesn’t want to be the damsel in distress.

You taught her that she has no limits. You taught her that she can do anything and everything. You taught her how to do anything and everything. You taught her how to take a deep breath and use her man muscles and accomplish the things. You taught her how to negotiate and how to accept that the worst that could happen is to be told “No.” You taught her how to be unstoppable.

And now, she just needs you to come help her be unstoppable right now. Not in the morning. Not the next day. Not when it’s convenient and you don’t have anything else to do. She needs to be unstoppable right now.

So when you get the call from this strong, independent, unstoppable, stubborn lioness of a woman, just get up and go, right now.


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