The Unsung Hero

When it comes to receiving successful career advice I’m sure you’ve heard some form of the following: “It’s not work if you do what you love.” However what advice is acceptable for becoming a parent instantly after saying ‘I do’? Okay, quick background rapid fire! I fell in love with a single mother of one and she fell for for me. Being two divorcees we ran off to the San Francisco for a beautiful City Hall wedding. This was all over the span of three years.

I’ll say it only once for context: stepdad. This title isn’t spoken in our house. Why? We don’t like that word. Yet that title will rear its ugly head during doctors’ visits, school functions and other important appointments. Does this mean I will always be second in his life? Or be considered as almost good enough but not the real thing? I am fortunate enough to have been in his life since those preschool years. We’ve experienced a lot of firsts together. From learning how to tie shoes to shaving faces to losing that first tooth. I’ve also been in the position when his curious mind asks, “Why do I have two Dads?” These are challenging times because you want to provide the most honest and practical answer for an impressionable young mind. In case you were wondering my answer, I answered him with another question. “Well son what do you think a father is?” Wanting to learn his point of view I patiently waited. As he stumbled to answer I helped him with my definition. “Son, a father is someone who protects you from harm, teaches you right from wrong, makes sure you have a place to sleep and food to eat, and helps you to become a responsible young man.” 

What’s your definition of a father? You have start that relationship between you and your child, whether it’s at birth or later in life. I went through my own struggles of trying to make sense of having two mothers and two fathers. Now things have come full circle. The son of step-parents now has become one, and I wouldn’t change anything. So to all of my unsung heroes I say do not let the negative connotation associated with that title hold you back from being the best father. You owe it to your son or daughter.





Christopher Simon was born in Florida but considers himself a “Baton Rouge-ian” since he’s been here for over 20 years. He has a business degree from Northwestern State University that he uses daily working in sales. When he’s not working, you can find him with a camera capturing life’s moments, hitting the gym, or freelance videography. He is married to his beautiful wife Camille. They have one son Caleb and another little boy on the way. Follow him @tophersimon on Instagram.



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