Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Pelicans Game :: A Fun Road Trip Idea from Baton Rouge

Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Pelicans Game :: A Fun Road Trip Idea from Baton Rouge

We love the Pelicans!! We’ve been season ticket holders since our oldest was a baby. That’s right. We’ve taken a baby (and later little boys) to Pelicans Basketball games.

Here are the best ways to navigate bringing little ones to the game:

  • Make sure you prepare for the game. After you choose the perfect matching Pelicans outfits, take a deep breath, then choose more clothes. Choose a backup outfit for the littles and another shirt for you. The odds are rare that you will need these backup clothes but it’s better to be prepared.
  • Place the backup clothes in your car yourself. If you know, you know. Also, put your phone charger in the car.
  • Find the sturdiest clear bag you can find. Put wipes, diapers, your ID, and medical insurance card, and last year they needed your vaccination card. All of that needs to go into your bag.
  • Even though the GPS will tell you the trip is somewhere between 1-2 hours, add another 45 minutes to your trip. Something always happens. Always add the extra time.
  • Snacks and more snacks for the car. We pack loads of snacks. The second you back down the driveway, their little stomachs are activated. We try not to stop for food until Metairie. Although, we often stop at Mcdonald’s in Praireville.
  • When you arrive at the stadium, I recommend that you park under the Superdome, at the Dave and Busters lot, or at the Extreme, a parking garage near city hall. You’re traveling with littles that get tired early so try to get as close as possible.
  • If you arrive early, they always have some awesome children-focused activities. I’ve seen jump houses, little basketball hoops, face painting, etc. The activities are always so much fun for my littles.
  • Plan snacks before you walk in. This is especially important if your seats are higher up. Carrying littles down those steep steps for snacks every few minutes is too much. My littles love the nachos and the dipping dots. You can also just order French fries.
  • Enjoy the game. The most important thing before even the Pelicans winning their game,  is having fun and making memories with those you love. So sit back, relax, and beware of the t-shirt cannon.

The kids are usually sleeping peacefully as we drive back. I hope you have a wonderful time at the game.


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