Turning a Diaper Box into a Basket

How to turn a diaper box into a basket.
I think most moms can relate to the pain that comes with buying box after box of diapers.  Not only do you go through an insane amount of diapers each month, but after a while, you are left with piles and piles of empty boxes.

I don’t know about you, but it honestly pains me to throw away good-sized boxes.  First I used them to organize all of Judah’s clothes as he outgrew them.  Then I saved some to wrap presents during the holidays.  And then I put a couple in my car to organize Judah’s toys and overflow. But even after that, we still had more!

So in an attempt to make use out of the many boxes we’re left over with as a disposable-diapering family, I decided to repurpose them, but this time, in a pretty way that I could use for decorating purposes.

Turning a Diaper Box into a Basket

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There are many tutorials on wrapping vases, shoe boxes, or wine bottles with twine, and I’ve even done one in the past and still love it.   And I did actually entertain the idea of wrapping an entire diaper box in twine, but then I came to my senses and realized that with our schedule, I would probably have one box finished by the time Judah entered Kindergarten.  And then I had a thought: rope!

So I headed to our Home Depot and grabbed two things of rope and got to work. I used leftover fabric that I had to line the inside with hot glue.  (Disclaimer: I am no seamstress, and I WISH I had the skill and patience to have done a neat job.)

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Then I just went around each row with dotted lines of hot glue and pressed the rope down.  It took me two naps and I was done! It’s not the neatest job or prettiest, but it’s a finished job.  And these days, those are the most beautiful! (Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to pin this if you love it and follow all the Red Stick Moms pins here!)

Basket Created From Diaper Box

What are some ways you use your leftover diaper boxes?

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  1. I am a troop leader and I have at least 60 empty cases of Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t want to just toss them. I also have LOTS OF FABRIC. My girls are going to LOVE THIS. Thanks for a great idea.


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