What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

A few months ago, I told a friend that I just wanted to run away, lie in bed, read books, and cry for a few days, and he sent me a link to the most perfect Getaway

Let me tell you, if you just need to run away for a little bit, Getaway New Orleans (Homochitto) is an easy and quick escape from your southeastern Louisiana life. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more of a passenger princess than a road trip warrior, but I was completely unbothered by the drive. A quick 2-ish hours from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Getaway Homochitto is a frazzled mom’s blessing.

Your drive in might feel a little like you are in the middle of nowhere, but that is because you are (but in a good way)! Depending on the route your GPS takes you, you might be able to stop at Middendorf’s for the best thin, crispy fried catfish, or you might stop at the Lynyrd Skynyrd Monument if you love classic rock and are a Simple Man (or Woman). Can you tell I took the easy-peasy I-55 drive in from LaPlace?

What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

No matter what, you’ll drive through the Homochitto National Forest, probably pass by Lake Okhissa, and meander over the sandy-banked Homochitto River. Be prepared to be behind the slowest Sunday drivers, no matter the day, as you make your way through gently-sloping hills running through pine forest. Just relax. You’ll get there … eventually.

When you arrive, you’ll find your cabin secluded from the others, but just enough that you don’t feel like you are entirely cut off from civilization. I could see my cabin neighbor’s fire from between the pines separating us. But don’t worry – you’ll still be isolated enough to find your peace, mamas!

Pack Next To Nothing

Y’all, I am the QUEEN of over-packing. Let me warn you – there ain’t the space. When I go again, my packing game plan will be MUCH different.

What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

Getaway tells you they have “everything you need and nothing you don’t” – and that is ALMOST perfectly true. I will be the first to admit, I overpacked. But I will be your friendly guide for the perfectly packed getaway.

Tips on Tips on Tips:

1. Ladies, if you have specific hair needs, pack your own shampoo and conditioner. There’s no hair dryer provided, and the electrical outlets are SPARSE. During my getaway, I embraced “Bad hair, don’t care,” and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

2. Unless you have specific dietary needs, pack the least amount of food as possible. I highly advise you to make a trip to Sullivan’s Grocery in Bude. It’s a 10-minute trip, and you can stock up on essentials as necessary. The selection is on-par with any small-town grocery store, but you’ll find enough to keep you well-fed.

3. If you just can’t handle bugs, make sure you pack some Deep Woods Off, a citronella candle, or a Thermacell, ESPECIALLY if you are going in the spring / summer months. It’s the woods, y’all. Prepare accordingly. It was far too hot for me to sit by an evening fire every night, but even during the day, the bugs were bugging as bugs will do.

4. There might be a mini-fridge, but there is no freezer compartment. If you plan on marinating in adult beverages, as I did, make sure you have a small cooler to hold the ice for your bevvies. You can re-up on bagged ice at Sullivan’s when you go to stock your fridge. And speaking of adult beverages, pack your spirit of choice if you are a Louisiana girly – you don’t want to have to go on a hunt for a liquor store, TRUST ME.

What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

5. If you are completely unable to unplug, pack a surge protector / power strip. I had only a phone and a Kindle and still struggled with the lack of available electrical outlets.

6. Speaking of being able to unplug … Getaway doesn’t have a TV … or Wi-Fi. I was able to get cell service in my cabin in Homochitto, but you may not be so lucky. If you plan to catch up on work, or the latest season of Outlander, or read that latest BookTok recommendation, make sure you download the goods before you leave home, just in case.

7. Keep non-essentials packed in your vehicle. The cabin is tiny*TINY*tiny. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I highly advise that you don’t even bring your bag into your cabin. Only take out whatever clothes you need immediately, and leave the rest in your car. You’ll thank me later.

Connect With Nature

I know how hard it is to disconnect from our digital world and connect to our natural world. For decades, we’ve been plugged in and constantly “on” and available to the world.

What to Know Before You Getaway to Homochitto

Getaway offers you the opportunity to do just the opposite. Sure, you can stay in bed all day (I did the first two days because I was recovering from a mystery illness) and read your little heart out (like I did because I’m a nerdy nerd who just needed a reset), but you can also get your cute little ass out of bed and go experience the natural beauty that is surrounding your cabin.

The grounds themselves offer a trail that is easy-peasy, even for those that are *athletically challenged.* You might even find some snacky goodness along the way, depending on the time of year you visit.

If you are more adventurous, there are trails through the Homochitto National Forest, fun to be had at Lake Okhissa, and some sandy banks to explore along the Homochitto River. When I return, I’ll definitely be doing a bit more adventuring than I did before.

Honesty is the Best Policy

I am nothing if not honest, so I’m going to tell y’all the truth and nothing but the truth.

I was running away from my life when I booked with Getaway. If I could have scheduled it earlier than I did, I would have. My entire soul was calling for a reset. Mamas, I know that being (possibly) disconnected from your family, the ones who DEPEND on you, can be terrifying, but it can also be freeing. Find people you trust who can answer the call should anything happen (it probably won’t, you worry warts), and go find YOURSELVES. Feed your bellies, feed your minds, and feed your souls. You are worth it.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “This would be so great with my partner/family!” If that is you, bless your sweet little heart, and I wish you the best. But for me and my soul, if another person had been with me in that cabin, I’m fairly certain that I would have gone insane, at the very least, and would be incarcerated, at the extreme. Plan your future accordingly.

Love and light and happy trails, mamas!

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