Julie Lee

Julie is a mama, wife, teacher, writer, photographer, designer, and basket case—jack of all trades, master of none. She lives in Ascension Parish with her husband, her two hooligans, and her quarankitty, Stella. She’s an English teacher by day, and a lover of words by destiny. Her favorite word is schadenfreude. When she’s pretending she isn’t too busy to breathe, you can find her curled up in her hammock with a book.

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Midway through last year, my mental health took a serious nosedive. I’d previously struggled with severe anxiety and depression following some big life changes that left me reeling, but fortunately, I’d found fantastic mental...

My Husband Set Me Up On A Blind Date

Admittedly, the title seems like a juicy, scandalous little rumor, and while it is true, I left out that the blind date that he planned for me was with... BOOKS. We are not normally the kind...

Some Things Just Can’t Be Thrown Away

Several times a year, I purge every closet, drawer, and storage space in my house. Most of the time, my efforts are half-hearted, and I tend to hold on to things that either no...

Why I’m Celebrating NO-vember

The other day, a suggested post in one of my social media feeds introduced me to the idea of NO-vember. In a nutshell, you are free to say no to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING this...

The Children are Watching: Parenting with Disordered Eating

*TRIGGER WARNING: Eating Disorders* I was in the 8th grade at my very, VERY small private school in my ridiculously small town, when a classmate’s mother- a nurse- performed scoliosis checks for all nine (yes,...

The Girl Gang: May Your Daughters Be Blessed

My daughter is a sensitive little monster, and I mean that in the best way possible. She is opinionated and strong and (sometimes) rather terrifying.  But she is also a vulnerable, fragile, blessed ball of...

Bless This Mess

Raise your hand if you are guilty of the following: Saying “Please excuse my mess!” when someone comes into your home for the first (or 26th) time. BONUS POINTS IF YOUR HOUSE IS ACTUALLY CLEAN WHEN...

Our Old “New Normal”: A Pandemic Retrospective

A little over a year ago, I was sitting in the living room of my sister's Seagrove beach house (good lord, the privilege and pretension in that comment makes me cringe) on what I...

Holey Shoes: A Girly-Girl Elegy

"Mom, I need new shoes!" my daughter screeched as she skidded through the front door Kramer-from-Seinfeld style. Those shoes were only three months old, a Christmas gift. She held up one foot, pointing to...

Toxic Comparison Culture: Why #MOMGOALS Needs to Go

I know you've seen it. I know you've FELT it. That insidious cancer that invades you when you get sucked into the toxic comparison culture that is social media currency. Mamas, don't fall for it. #MOMGOALS...

Guided Journaling :: A BuJo Lite+Busy Mom Love Affair

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the concept of bullet journaling (I know, I know. I'm about 58926490 years behind the curve on this one), and my little creative heart went *THUMP*....

Hoping for Hubig’s :: My Hand Pie Hail Mary

Picture it: South Louisiana, 2021. Mardi Gras has been canceled and an ice storm has settled over the land, a frosty wonder trapping all of us already po' Louisiana drivers in our homes. WITH...