Why Lunch is a Mom’s Favorite Meal

Before I had my child, I had a friend of mine tell me that lunch was her favorite meal. I didn’t quite understand that and when we went out to lunch, she was happy about her meal and her time at lunch. Food makes me happy but this level of excitement was different. It’s not until now that I understand why she was so happy and loved lunch so much. As a mom to a toddler who is constantly on the go and a picky eater at the same time, dinner is not enjoyable and breakfast usually consists of coffee. However, there is always lunch for me and it has a new level of meaning these days.

Here’s my top reasons why lunch has now become my favorite meal of the day.

The food is HOT

I’m sure you all read this subject and thought ‘Amen.’ We all know that at dinner moms are usually the last ones to eat because we are worried about everyone else (i.e. the child, the husband, the dog). By the time I sit down to eat, or better yet stand up at the counter to stuff something in my mouth, it’s basically cold and I don’t even want it. At lunch, I have the luxury of eating my food as soon as it is placed in front of me. And people, it is hot food that is waiting on me to eat it.


Dinnertime for us during the week means we eat about five things on rotation. These five things typically include meals or items that I’m embarrassed to even type out right now. However, when you have a picky eater as well as a husband that eats like a teenager, you eventually decide to pick your battles when it comes to dinner options. During lunch, I get to choose whatever I want which includes so much more than hot dogs or corn dogs, brinner (our term for breakfast as dinner), hamburger helper or sandwiches.

No Rush

During the week at dinnertime, my husband and I have to choose who is going to eat first because someone needs to make the picky eater actually eat and not scrape the food in her chair where it is out of sight but not actually eaten (she has learned this trick already). If I choose to go first to eat, I am rushing to eat because my husband is waiting to eat also. Lunch for me during the week means I can actually taste my food and enjoy what I am eating.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but lunch sure is my FAVORITE meal of the day.


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