Why Moms Blog

Blogging has become a phenomenon over the last decade, gaining mega steam with the addition of social media. Everyone can name at least one person on their friend list who has taken on this endeavor. Now that I have become completely immersed in the blog world, I think I might have stumbled upon some reasons why moms blog.

We need someone to bear witness. 

Seeing as most mom bloggers are stay at home moms, writing or posting about their day gives them and everyone else concrete evidence of what took place. It’s like the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest … ?” Only for stay at home moms, the question would be “If a baby cries all day and no one is there to hear it besides her mom, did it make a sound?” The answer is yes. It made the most ear torturing sound ever, and here is the video to prove it.

Moms feel the need to report their findings.

Being a mom can be very isolating, especially the first year. It’s like we are floating around in space, tending to our little family experiment. Obviously, you would want to report the details back to earth. “Stella finally slept through the night. Here are all the tactics we tried, and here is what we did to achieve the result.” Roger that, Caravan. Stay safe up there.

It feels like a group therapy session.

Being a mom can be lonely, induce panic attacks, and make you cry out of frustration. This is a lot to endure on your own all day. When we write about it and share our thoughts in our blog or on social media, the likes and comments feel similar to having a conversation with someone who is going through the same thing and assures us that we are not alone.

We want to laugh about all of the parenting shenanigans now, not years from now.

It brings me a ridiculous amount of joy to hear about and see other parents in the throes of parenthood, so I want to pay it forward in the hopes of receiving it back. I’ll trade you my house full of stomach bugs for your toddler meltdown in Target. Deal?

We need to use our brain for something other than negotiating with toddlers and planning meals.

Before we were moms, we were well educated, working, independent women. We received bonuses and accolades for a job well done, and people listened to what we had to say. Now, we argue with tiny monsters about not licking public trashcans, get thrown up on, and spend thirty minutes cutting grapes in half only to have to dump them in the trash later. Writing a grammatically correct and thought-provoking post is all I have left.

We have a different point of view of the world.

A new trend that I’ve noticed is mom bloggers getting involved in social and political issues. It’s not just about potty training and making creative snacks anymore. Becoming a mother gives you a unique position to be at the ground level of change. I take my job of shaping our latest generation very seriously, and it has definitely changed my perspective on almost everything. I’ve always had opinions, but now I see the importance in sharing them.

As you can see, it makes perfect sense that moms would blog. So on behalf of all the mom bloggers out there, thanks for reading our message in a bottle.

Please send help.

Mandy grew up in Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU with a degree in Anthropology. In an attempt to figure out what do with an Anthropology degree (seriously, what do you do with it?!?), she moved to DC and received a masters degree in Forensic Science at George Washington University. Still at a loss for what she wanted to be when she grew up, Mandy moved to Austin, TX. Over the course of seven years, she built a successful(ish) jewelry design business, met some of her favorite people ever, imported her now husband from Baton Rouge, and made the decision to move back to Baton Rouge to start a family. Since then, Mandy has worked for a jewelry designer, a CPA, and now a financial advisor. And in between, she was a stay at home mom to three feisty, but sweet daughters, two of which are twins. Her girls love to dance and sing just like their mom, and Mandy's dream of a possible girl version of the Hansons or a Judds-like situation is becoming more of a reality every day. In the meantime, she is pouring her creativity into her writing which can be described as honest, funny and little bit snarky, just like Mandy. You can check out more of her musings at Tantrums and Twirls.


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