Why Parenthood is the Greatest Show Ever

Season 6 of Parenthood premieres on Thursday, September 25 (tomorrow!), and I am a ball full of emotions.  If you are familiar with this show, then you know that one does not simply watch Parenthood.  One gets involved.  For example, on numerous occasions, I have found myself praying for the Bravermans, the family on which the show is centered.  I have prayed that Max would find a true friend who would understand him and his Aspergers completely and love him unconditionally, and I wept when he found that friend in Hank (played by Ray Romano, so, I mean, come on).  I have prayed for Julia and Joel that they could find reconciliation and healing in their marriage, and I have prayed for their sweet children that they could cope through their parents’ separation.  Additionally, I have told my husband several times that if we ever have a girl, I am torn between the names Nora and Haddie (coincidentally, the names of the two daughters of Adam and Kristina Braverman).

I think you get the picture. I would imagine that if you watch Parenthood, you are nodding your head in a hearty “amen” as you read my words.  If you don’t watch the show, you may be wondering why I think this show is so great.  Well…

1. The characters are amazing.  Parenthood uses an ensemble cast, so there is no specific main character (which I love).  There are nineteen regular characters on the show, including many secondary characters that come and go along the way.  And I love each and every one of them.  At various times throughout the seasons, they have each been my favorite (Mr. Cyr as he shyly and adorably pursues Sarah Braverman, or Zeek Braverman as he tells his grandaughter Amber that he dreamed of her as he lay awake in Vietnam, or Crosby Braverman as he learns to be a father…seriously, I could go on and on).  There are also times that I get so annoyed with each of them, and if they were real people, I probably wouldn’t talk to them for a day or two (see, I’m INVOLVED).Parenthood1

2. The show tackles serious issues that affect parents and families like Kristina’s breast cancer, Sarah’s difficulties raising her children as a single mother and her desire to find the love of her life (fingers crossed for Hank!), Joel and Julia’s adoption of Victor, and Zeek and Camille’s/Joel and Julia’s marriage issues.  The show gracefully intertwines these issues into the existing family dynamics in a way that doesn’t take over the entire show but serves as a delicate reminder that parenthood (and life in general) is hard.Parenthood-adoption3. The show is cathartic.  You may not have realized that you were due for a good cry until you watched an episode of this show.  Then, after bawling your eyes out intermittently throughout one episode, you’re all, “Thanks for the good cry, Parenthood.  I didn’t know I needed that.”  Or you might be like, “Please, I’m hard as a rock.  Nothing can make me cry.”  Then I dare you to watch Kristina tell her family members that she has breast cancer, or watch Max ask his parents from the back of the car why the other kids don’t like him, or watch Alex say his final goodbyes to Haddie and her family.  I double dare you.max4. The family has dance parties ALL THE TIME.  Dance parties are my love language, and this is why the Bravermans are my people.braverman-dance-3 braverman-dance4

I cannot say enough about how great this show is.  If you haven’t watched it before, please heed this advice: begin DVRing the new season and binge watching every previous season.  I promise you will love it. (For our other favorite fall shows, click here!)

Megan Wall
Megan is a wife and stay-at-home-mommy to Matthew and Benjamin. A Navy brat, she spent her childhood moving and traveling throughout the country. Her family finally settled down in Louisiana, and she has called Baton Rouge her home since she became an LSU Tiger in the fall of 1998. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and her Master’s in Secondary Education, she and her husband, Kenny, were married in 2004. For nearly ten years, Megan taught literature on the middle and high school levels. She is passionate about reading and instilling the love of reading to children. After four years of struggling through infertility, they were ecstatic to enter the world of parenthood in 2010. A true lover of lunching with friends, pedicures, exercise, literature, and lattes, her latest interests include tractors, pirates, climbing, and superheroes.


  1. My favorite show Megan, I am glad to see I am not the only one “involved”. I never see anything about it on social media. Main reason I love it is #2. Its not fake, its so real-life.

  2. I’m not sure how this show has been on for five seasons while I totally missed it. I just discovered season 5 on our On Demand last week while on maternity leave and I have not stopped watching since. I’m so sad this is the final season but not completely depressed (yet) because I still have seasons 1-4 to watch! Of course we watched tonight! It reminds me of Brothers & Sisters


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