You Might be a Female If …

You Might be a Female If …

You might be a female if … you’ve ever had to swallow all of your pride and go ask a complete stranger at the beach with a shaky voice and trembling lip if he would come stand next to you because he was a large man and there was another man whom you were 100% sure was going to attempt to grab at least one of your three kids playing 4 feet in front of you.

You might be a female if … you’ve ever waited at the exit of a store while watching a suspected predator walk to their truck, parked directly next to your MomWagon to toss all three of your kids into a shopping cart and use your shaky, trembling voice again to ask an employee if they could please walk to your car with you because you could feel predators eyes on you.

You might be a female if … you have ever felt absolutely insane for mentally accusing a possibly perfectly kind and genuine person who compliments your daughter’s beautiful long curls or eyelashes. You might be a female if … you’ve ever felt the pit in your stomach that tells you danger is near and you need to seek safety immediately, even if that means with strangers who you plead with your eyes “just pretend you know me so this creepy person will go away.” You might be a female if … you’ve ever sobbed uncontrollably in the safety of your locked car with littles strapped securely in their seats because you just knew that it almost happened today. One of your precious angel babies was almost taken today.

Why is this the world we live in? Just why? I don’t understand. I can’t comprehend it. I am not distracted. I am not vulnerable. I am not your target. I am a strong woman. I am a fierce mama bear. I am hyper-aware of all the things in public. I take mental notes. I can describe you to a composite artist. I remember your vehicle and what you’re wearing and the scar across your cheek and that tattoo on the top of your hand.

Most of all, I will not be your victim. Today will not be the day you get away with snatching my angel babies away from me. I will not live to regret this day, but if you touch me or them, you will absolutely regret it. You will remember targeting me as the greatest mistake of your whole life.


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