A Letter to the Mamas Who Can’t Stop and Won’t Stop

Dear Mama,

Can we stop and appreciate you for a minute?

You have done more than what was thought humanly possible. You have conquered the unthinkable. You have gone beyond the limits of yourself and who you thought you’d ever become. You are strong. You are valiant. You are a warrior.

You are a mother.

The amount of selfless care you’ve poured into your children and family is amazing. The amount of hard decisions you’ve had to make is insurmountable. The tasks, the chores, the duties, the endless acts of service you’ve done for the ones you love, because you love them, is beautiful.

We all see you. And we all admire you.

Nothing goes unnoticed. We watch you from the sidelines and secretly cheer you on as you tackle one obstacle after another. We know you beat yourself up. We know you’re tired and exhausted. But mama, look at what you have done. Look at all your accomplishments. You are truly an inspiration to anyone who crosses your path.

Your children may not notice right now, but they will one day. They will look back and see how their mama took on the world like Wonder Woman in a cape with a little dose of grace and little dose of fierceness. You are a rockstar. You are unstoppable. You are an amazing and beautiful person for the sacrifices you’ve made.

When you feel like giving up, don’t stop. Don’t give in to the negative thoughts. Tell yourself that you are smart and capable and can handle anything thrown your way. You know you can. Your children depend on you, your family depends on you. Not only are you made to survive, but you are made to thrive. You will thrive.

This beautiful life you lead as a mama is anything but easy. But you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Your kids are little angels sent from above and you are so lucky to have them in your life (don’t laugh, they really are). 

You are so blessed, but sometimes you don’t see it because you’re buried under the pile of clothes in your laundry room. Pick your head up and open your eyes, you’re living in your prime right now. Don’t wait until your kids are out the house to appreciate the journey y’all share.

We love you, mama. You’re doing great. You are a masterpiece in the making and you are a sight to behold. Now, get after it and do what you do best. 

Brooke Bajon
Brooke was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and grew up in Denham Springs. She attained a degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University. After she graduated, she went on to become an English teacher to a variety of different age levels. Brooke is a single mother whose number one priority is to guide her beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Kameron, through a Christ-centered life. Some of her favorite things to do are run the LSU lakes, go to festivals around the area, and drink an immense amount of coffee! Travels, adventures, and weekend getaways are a necessity to balance out her busy and often-times chaotic life!


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