Jolie Holmes


Just Feel Dumb

There's been a shift in me, a change in my heart. I reach out. I initiate. I reach out every day to my tribe. Only a year ago I built a tribe. My very...

Becoming the Middle Child

I stared at those two pink lines for.ev.er. Just kidding, it was probably all of two solid minutes that was interrupted by somebody needing a snack. We already had a 4 year old and...

The Time the Routine Got Ruined

I have always thrived on having a set schedule and routine. I like to mark things off of lists. I am a planner nerd, not in the planner (probably not going to happen). I...

I Need a Tough Boy

I have two little guys. There are currently 5 and 2 years old. Their baby sister is 6 months old.   Ever since our first son was born, there has been an emphasis that he NEEDS...

Dear Kindergartner

Dear Kindergartner,  Oh, how did we get here so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were wondering how the hospital allowed us to bring you home- no manual or anything. We were clueless, but...