Kodi Wilson

Kodi is a native of the Wild West and has moved around since her college days, where she met her husband, Brad. She graduated with honors from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Administration, and minors in both Marketing and Communications, just a two classes shy of a double degree. She married her husband in July of 2000. She has had professional experiences in sports management, corporate incentive travel, event planning, marketing and media strategy, social media and SEO, media sales management, creative directing, business consulting and most recently ministry. She works full time at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. She is an avid disabilities advocate, and mom to a terminally-ill medically fragile, technology dependent miracle boy, Braden who is 10. Kodi began her blogging journey at his birth, when they were unexpectedly thrust into the special needs life, sharing their journey with others facing the same road at “Braden Mark Wilson’s Blog: Living with Leigh’s Disease.” She and Brad adopted a beautiful racially mixed daughter at birth, Laila (1). Kodi loves to cook, grill and smoke everything (especially bacon) and has published a cookbook as a fundraiser for her son’s medical fund. She loves the Olympics and all things patriotic.

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