Lorna Lewis is a native of Varnado, Louisiana, a town so small it’s been classified as a village. After graduating from Varnado High School, Lorna moved to Baton Rouge to attend the best HBCU in the land, Southern University A & M College. She entered Southern thinking she’d go into nursing, but soon realized blood was not her thing, so she changed her major to Elementary Education. In 2002, Lorna married Cornelius “Neil” Lewis, the man who captured her heart and has been nurturing it for many years since. Through their union came three beautiful children, AJ, Kirsten, and Kourtney, their Angel baby who God allowed them to love for 18 months. After spending 17 years with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, Lorna knew it was time to step out on faith and pursue her true passion. Lorna has always had an overactive imagination, which would probably explain her great love for literature. Writing allows her to put her imagination to work and let her creativity take control. Today, Lorna is a national bestselling and award-winning author of four novels. She’s gifted at turning character’s dreams into drama and writing stories that are emotional and deal with real-life situations such as marriage, infidelity, fertility, workplace drama, discrimination, and also the power of forgiveness and second chances. Lorna is also a scriptwriter and producer of the short film "Secrets from the Bayou. She's the founder of “Changing Lives the Write Way,” an online coaching program for aspiring authors. Lorna helps women turn their wounds into words, their scars into sentences, and their battles into books. Learn more about Lorna by visiting her website: www.authorlalewis.com

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