Do More, Move Faster: Inside the Mind of a Enneagram Type 3 Mom

I recently took the Enneagram test as part of a company-wide retreat.

I sat across the table from a facilitator as they threw question after question at me. “How do you handle failure?” “Do you walk into a room and know where all of the exits are?” “Do you make lists?”

After 45 minutes of yes, no, and maybe so, I was labeled as Enneagram Type 3: The Achiever.

At first I sat tall as the facilitator read of some of the common qualities. Adaptable. Excelling. Driven. Yes, yes, yes!

But then they read a Enneagram Three’s qualities at their worst. Image-conscious. Success oriented. Workaholic. Competitive.

It made me stop in my tracks and ask, am I at my worst or my best for my family?

How do my children and husband see me? As a super-mom doing it all? As a stressed-out, shell of a woman running on empty?

Honestly, life has been a race lately. A race from deadline to deadline, a race from work to home, a race from lunch to dinner, a race from Fridays to Mondays.

And while this fast pace felt normal to me, I realize now that faster isn’t always more efficient or better.

Moving fast doesn’t allow for me to notice when I am overdoing it. It also doesn’t allow for the best version of myself: the adaptable, authentic mom driven towards dreams and goals that can inspire her kids that anything is possible.

Instead, moving fast was creating a gap between what was important to me. My “do more, move faster” mindset was opening the doors ever so slightly to qualities I don’t admire: competitive, covetous, obsessive.

And the end of the retreat, I walked away with insight about myself and the people I communicate with daily. The Enneagram test and resulting discussions broke down barriers and gave everyone new perspective on themselves and the relationships they hold dearest. It was a step in the right direction for the company as a whole.

And truly, it was the right step I needed. It was a sign that said, “slow down, they are watching and learning from you, mom.”

Tiffanie Pitre is a wife and full-time working mom to a three-year-old (Norah) and one-year-old twins (August and Millie). Tiffanie was born and raised in New Orleans, but has been calling Baton Rouge home since 2004 when she enrolled at LSU. Upon graduating from the design program, she started working at the advertising agency Xdesign, where she now leads the team as Art Director. Tiffanie and her husband Stefan are always looking for new things to do as a family, and never let multiple backpacks, strollers, and bags weigh them down.


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