Beautiful Birth: Sharing Our Stories

Births are like snowflakes. Each one is uniquely beautiful. They show us a courage and strength we never knew we had and a love we never could have imagined. The excitement and anticipation of an upcoming birth is palpable. There is an anxious energy around not knowing exactly what to expect. Will it be long or short, comfortable or difficult, exactly as planned or take its own direction? Birth is one of the few parts of life that we typically can’t and shouldn’t control. When our babies are born, we wear our stories like a badge of honor. Each of us has our own special initiation into motherhood.

This week, you’ll read stories that encompass many kinds of birth. From an accidental home birth to a planned cesarean, their stories cover every inch of the spectrum. Ten moms, even a few of our Red Stick Moms Blog contributors, have graciously shared their stories and their hearts with us. I’m sure they will make your ovaries ache as much as they did mine.


For this series, we’ve partnered with Woman’s Hospital, one of the nation’s largest women’s specialty hospitals. While Woman’s delivers more than 8,500 babies each year, every birth is unique and special. Though the health of mother and baby is always paramount, Woman’s believes that each woman has the right to play an active role in how she gives birth. Our Natural Birth Liaison guides each mother who wishes to deliver naturally. Prior to delivery, mothers-to-be are encouraged to take a variety of classes at Woman’s, including breastfeeding and baby care. From ending elective, non-medically necessary inductions prior to 39 weeks to improving breastfeeding rates, Woman’s strongly supports evidence-based medicine and works continuously to honor its mission to improve the health of women and infants.

We are so thrilled to share this series with you. Check in each day this week as we celebrate the voices of local moms as they share their incredible birth stories.

birthstories_headerDisclaimer: This post is sponsored by Woman’s Hospital.  Woman’s did not have any influence on the posts that were approved for this series.

Ashley S
Ashley grew up in Joplin, Missouri and attended the University of Arkansas where she earned a degree in Finance and Insurance. She met her husband, Jason, in Fayetteville and they have one daughter, Etta Mae. They moved to Baton Rouge in 2013 for Jason's job with the LSU Tigers. Ashley is an extroverted introvert who loves Ted Talks, following politics on Twitter, and figuring out how to get the best deals on everything without paying shipping. If it were up to her, she would get paid to read books and take every college class so that she could learn everything about everything, but instead she pays the bills by working in recruiting for a multinational tech company. Ashley is blessed to have a daughter who is at least as stubborn as she is and a husband who is laid back enough to put up with both of them.


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