The Home Front Constant: Moms Make It Work

In the American Revolution, they dashed onto battlefields to man canons that had lost their Continental soldier to enemy fire. They pressed their ears against fireplaces to listen to British secrets being discussed for George Washington’s spy ring. They organized city-wide boycotts so effective that it brought the English Parliament to the negotiating table. Who […]

What Social Distancing Has Given Me


Three weeks ago, my husband and I chatted with his dad about Covid-19. It was a beautiful Sunday, and while it was a serious conversation, it still had a lighthearted, far off feel. His dad told us about what he bought to prepare for possible scenarios, and convinced us to pick up some supplies of […]

Easter Isn’t Cancelled! {Celebrating in a Pandemic}


  This spring everything feels so different. In the middle of social distancing, birthday parties postponed, and no gatherings, one of the first things that hit me was Easter. I LOVE celebrating Easter, and we have traditions that we observe every year that are so meaningful and fun for our family. I started thinking about […]

Hitting the Reset Button :: The Moment You Realize You Need To Change Your Habits

I was on autopilot. Living my life one bad habit after the other. Everyone is guilty of this from time to time. We get tired, fall into ruts, and go about our days going through the same monotonous routines over and over again. Our brains just “shut off” and we sometimes create bad habits without […]

Starting a Book Club :: One More Way to Have a GNO

I started a book club last summer. I had wanted to be in a book club since college, but finally decided it was a good time to take the plunge. The only problem was, I didn’t know anyone in a book club at the time. Our club started with only 3 members and has since […]

Postpartum Musings: What We Would Have Done Differently

Postpartum care for mothers in the United States is under scrutiny yet again as maternal mortality rates in the US rise, all while declining in other countries. How?! How can our wonderful, developed country with amazing medical advances have such staggering statistics? Some of the reasons given by the healthcare industry: hospitals are cutting costs, […]

Infertility and COVID-19: More Disappointment and Waiting

Two years ago, this month, we were in the midst of a medication cycle to prepare my body for our second and final frozen embryo transfer. That period in time was filled with anxiety and hope. I can’t imagine what I would have done or how I would have felt if my doctors had called […]

No, I Don’t Want to go Back to the “Good ‘Ole Days”

Those three little words set my skin on fire every single time I hear them: Let’s go back to the Good Ole Days (aka) when things were easier for me and my privilege was not checked? Hear me out for a moment: Don’t read my very first sentence and get all defensive, I know full […]

Shop Local: Easter Edition

Easter is literally around the corner. Amazon (while we love them) has ship dates that are months out. And let’s face it, in the midst of quarantine we’re all taking a closer look at how we can support local businesses! Some of you are sitting on easy street with Easter stuff already stashed in that […]

Confessions of a Mom in a COVID-19 World

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread with news that schools were closing and a stay at home order was in place, my hidden inner fears were immediately brought to light. “Could I even handle being a full-time fun mom?” I am a full-time working mom, which means my children are either at school or daycare for […]

The Glass Sibling

I vividly remember the day my older son, who was around two years old at the time, realized people were giving his baby sister more attention. We were walking out of Mardel’s Book Store and a woman stopped us to talk to Adelaide. She was about a year old at the time. Cute as can be […]

Control Freak Confession

“I can’t believe you’re watching that AGAIN. How many times do you need to see it?” This is the question basically anytime I tune into something on our television. I inevitably find my “comfort food” of guilty pleasure TV shows and I can zone out. My husband does.not.get.it. Why on earth do you need to […]

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