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This post is part of our special, Red Stick Moms Blog CONNECTS series, where we focus on connecting with our kids, family and friends, and community during the holiday season. One of my family values is "neighbors not strangers." What does that mean and how does that look? Like this... Often times you see your neighbors and give them the friendly wave or nod and smile. Why not make it really awkward and walk up to them and actually say, "Hello!" Not as easy as it sounds... believe me. I mean, I'm no Betty Crocker in the kitchen which narrows the chance of me taking them a shady, tin-covered, casserole dish with random directions. However, I do enjoy crafting and all things...
I love the holidays for many reasons, and getting a chance to host family and friends is definitely high on that list.  Now, while my cooking may not be up to the normal standards of a typical host, I can whip up a few print items that make celebrating a holiday just a little more festive and personal for all involved. I’m no stranger to designing and printing out lots of things that will only get thrown away in a matter of hours, but that’s not the point.  I absolutely love seeing people’s reactions when they realize something is personalized or made just for them. So this year for Thanksgiving, while it may not be my turn to cook the turkey,...

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