Thinking About Spin Class?

The idea of taking a spin class has always intrigued me, but the thought of committing 45 minutes to a hard intense workout where you’re stuck on a bike made me nervous. I mean I don’t even know how to ride a real bike so that just adds to the anticipation of the pain I’d feel the next day. But the other day I took the plunge and I am now obsessed. Here are a few things I learned from my first few classes and what you can expect when you go to yours! Go as hard as YOU can go: What I didn’t know going into it was that you can go at your own pace; everyone has different levels...
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by BREC.  Learn to Play Tennis With BREC Looking for a new activity for your family? Let BREC teach your tyke to play tennis! Tennis is a lifetime sport that can engage the entire family, and this fall is the perfect time to get your kids started. Got a newbie who needs to learn the basics? One of BREC’s most popular programs for the littlest tennis stars is Pee Wee Tennis. At Pee Wee tennis, children ages 3-6 get individual attention to learn a love for the game of tennis. We’ll teach them to love tennis through interactive games that make learning fun. As children progress in their skills, counselors add in drills, advanced games and...
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by BREC and The First Tee Program.  Learn Golf With The First Tee Program Think of the virtues you’d like your kids to learn through sports. Perseverance, confidence, integrity. These qualities are all built into the sport of golf, and BREC is the exclusive home of The First Tee program in East Baton Rouge Parish, a character education program that uses a golf-related curriculum to build well-rounded kids. The First Tee is a national organization that teaches young boys and girls (ages 7-18 years old) life skills through the game of golf. Upon introduction to the program, kids will learn the basics of the game, as well as the nine core values used as a foundation...

Barbells and Belly

I'm pretty obsessed with following all sorts of lady fitness gurus for inspiration to stay in shape. When these trainers would become pregnant and still worked out, this was a foreign concept to me. I had my first son almost seven years ago, and I practically sat still for 35 weeks straight. I was nervous for good reason, however I wasn't doing anything to maintain my physical health prior. That makes all the difference. We've heard the saying that if you were running marathons before you were pregnant you can still keep doing that. I have been doing Crossfit for the last few years and contemplated whether or not I was going to continue. My first trimester was plagued with...
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by BREC. Learn More About Tennis at BREC Looking for a new activity for your family? Let BREC teach your tyke to play tennis! Tennis is a lifetime sport that can engage the entire fam and this summer is the perfect time to get your kids started. Tennis Camps BREC tennis summer camps have been a Baton Rouge tradition for decades, and this year there’s more options than ever so you can pick the right fit for your family. And with five locations spread throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, there’s a BREC tennis camp that’s close to your house or the office. Camps are offered for children ages 4-17 of all skill abilities. Got a newbie who needs...

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