I stayed for Hurricane Laura. My two minis, my 130lb Great Dane/lab mix, and myself. I stayed, as so many others chose to do for various reasons, because I did not have many other options honestly. I stayed because, although many places and family members would gladly welcome the humans, my four legged child would not be welcome and leaving him in my house alone while we evacuated is simply unacceptable. To me. I get it. Everyone doesn't like pets and, considering mine is the size of a small horse and takes up a similar amount of space, mine can be a bit overwhelming even when you are used to him. Now, let me be clear that we do not live...
We are seeing companies, celebrities and influencers alike release statements announcing the firing of individuals or shutting down collaborations after comments, actions and old social media posts have gone viral. And while some of the actions these companies and individuals are taking is appropriate, I wonder if #cancelculture has gotten a bit out of hand... I know. I know. Hear me out. For those who were not malicious in their words and actions or did not realize their actions could lead to unintended harm or consequences for someone else, why not allow them a chance to educate themselves, their followers, their fellow peers? Why not show the world people can change for the better... become better people and allies? A single...

Dear Keyboard Warrior

An Open Letter to All the Keyboard Warriors of this World: There's not much to unite us these days. Everyone takes a side on any matter at hand and is convinced that their side is the right one while the other is dead wrong. It doesn't matter how serious or how insignificant the topic is ... politics and religion are clearly hot topics, as is any topic in parenting, but even one's tastes in movies and TV shows can be a cause for division. And there is something about being behind a screen that creates a need to defend your opinion with a fervor that may not come out face to face. Behind the screen, you become brave to say things...
I have seen a Facebook post circulating, asking “When did you first experience racism?” Due to #BlackoutTuesday I will be sharing my experience. Here is my story. Junior year prom. I had all the plans made and was ready — pictures at my parents' house with my date/high school boyfriend, then pictures before dinner with a large group of friends, dinner with that same group of friends, prom, after party, then stay at a friend's house with a large group. The night went perfectly until my mother received a call that I and my two black friends could not come over because there was no room for us to sleep. At the time, my mom made it seem like she just...

The Issue at Hand

It really isn’t police officers versus black men or black people. It really isn’t the NFL versus Colin Kaepernick. These things are just symptoms of the issue at large. The issue is racism and people’s willingness to allow their need for comfort to ignore its very existence. The issue is that when black people openly address what honestly most people agree is wrong behavior, they are met with resistance. I understand the conversation is hard. I get that hearing it when you aren’t actually the culprit seems unnecessary. The thing here is that if you don’t listen, if you refuse to hear the truth in a real way, oppression wins. Silence is the enemy of the suppressed. If you would rather...

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