I'm angry. I practice patience a lot because it's not my nature. Patience is a daily exercise for me anyway, but my five and a half year-old has unwittingly challenged me to a Battle of Wills. This is Day 2 of the most recent challenge. When I begin to lose my patience (a clear goal of the enemy), I have to leave the room to find it. This is me. Leaving the room. She's brilliant, that one. My daughter sees the line and marches wide-eyed RIGHT up to it, then turns to check that I'm watching so she can inch her toe across. I think she likes the challenge. But I won't be outsmarted or outlasted. Parenting is an endurance race,...
Is it just me or did that storm come out of nowhere? Fortunately it was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, but the aftermath definitely lasted a little longer. Here are a few of the things that were either said or thought during Stormageddon 2015: Crap the electricity is out and we have shrimp in the freezer. 'Screw the Milk Save the Seafood!' should be the slogan for generators in the South Will the electric cord reach from the coffee maker to the generator? Crap, CCs is crowded when everyone is out of power. No, kids, that leaf on the ground is NOT from a tree that fell through the house. Aww man, guess I need to grab lunch since I can't open the fridge until...
In my last post, I talked a little bit on how we can't compare our lives with those of images on Instagram (or any social media outlet) because what we're seeing isn't total reality.  Its hard to be inundated with daily glimpses of sleeping babies, craftastic toddlers, organic meals, or spotless houses and not think, "What am I doing wrong?" I’m definitely not saying that we shouldn't capture and post those adorable pictures or sweet moments that happen.  Not at all!  Because that IS real life as well–and I love seeing them! I just know that I personally have started to think more of how to balance what I am portraying through my feed by asking myself the following questions: ...

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