Fighting Baby Fever {After deciding I’m finished having babies}

As a child I dreamed of the day I’d become a mother. I never had a doubt in my mind that I wanted children, but often wondered how many children I’d have.  In a perfect world I’m pretty certain that my husband and I would channel our inner Duggar and have as many as we could and we’d love every second of it.  However, my world isn’t perfect and circumstances have helped my husband and I make the decision that after three sons, we have decided we are finished having children.

Fighting Baby FeverI started my momma journey early at the mere age of 21 and had my last child at 29.  Being a mother is such an indescribable feeling.  Your heart learns a new type of love that physically and emotionally overwhelms your body.  My three boys make my heart burst with love at the mere mention of their name.  They can absolutely drive me nuts with their shenanigans, but at the end of the day I am forever grateful that I was given the chance to be their momma.

Coye and I made this heart wrenching decision roughly 4 years ago.   After 3 “unplanned” pregnancies we wanted to have a solid decision on this topic.  Our reasons are typical….enough quality time for each child, extra curricular activities, expenses, rooms, etc.  There is also the reasoning that our middle son requires frequent hospital stays and tons of extra attention and care.  We sorted out the pros and cons like it was a business decision, yet it is the farthest thing from it because it matters directly to the heart.  And just like that our decision was made surgically permanent and my little family was complete.

I struggled with the decision to retire my womb for a while.  I love children dearly.  I love smelling their baby goodness.  I love hearing my children call for their momma.  I love seeing their faces light up with joy for all of life’s adventures.   I love talking to them about their day.  I just love it all.  So deciding that my womb will no longer be occupied by a beautiful little soul was HARD.  I knew in my heart and mind that it was the right decision and I felt the peace that came with it.

baby bumps

But the longing that comes for a baby every so often can overwhelm me.  Seeing all of my friends with their perfectly round bellies, attending baby showers, cuddling a newborn with that shaky newborn cry….ahhh…  Baby fever sets in and I sweetly look at my husband, “I so want a baby.”  He smiles, hugs me, and we laugh it off.  Soon after, the feeling subsides and I am back to enjoying my little men.  Then comes the absolute cutest picture on Facebook of a precious little girl and I’m overcome thoughts of bottles and onesies.  I question if I will have this longing for another baby forever.  I look to other moms to see if they also have this feeling too.  They have to be, right?

A random lady in her fifties or sixties and I were discussing having baby fever after seeing a newborn at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago.  I told her that my husband and I were “done”, but I often dreamed of having another baby even though I knew we couldn’t.  She laughed and knew exactly how I was feeling.  She said she satiated her desire for another baby after 10 years of holding back, yet the feeling returned.  She explained that the longing for another baby has always remained with her.  I got to thinking about this and agreed.  I was never one to just KNOW it was time like some women.  Nope.  I often find myself daydreaming of my life with another baby, before reality smacks me in the face and I think “OOooo, yeah, can’t do that!”

While I may never experience feet in my ribs or tiny hiccups from within, I can cherish the precious memories of each of my pregnancies (and block out those mornings hugging the toilet).  While I may never be up every two hours sleepily feeding a baby taking in their sweetness, I can certainly get my baby fill of friend’s babies and beg them to let me babysit!

Over the past 4 years I have learned that this baby fever is part of me.  Longing for another child is just part of who I am loving children. I loved being pregnant, becoming a mom again and again, snuggling babies, raising children, and enjoying every single second of their life through my momma eyes.

Have you made this decision and have similar feelings?  Or were you certain in your decision to stop having children?




Katie, a self proclaimed "momma bear", enjoys living her busy, country life with her husband of 10 years and 3 sons just outside of Baton Rouge in Tangipahoa Parish. Katie attended Southeastern Louisiana University where she obtained a degree in Elementary and Special Education. Little did she know how her love of children with special needs would grow shortly after she graduated college. Her middle son, Connor, was born with a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly-he is wheelchair bound, nonverbal, blind, battles retractable epilepsy, and is fed through a feeding tube. Katie and Connor endure the many trials they are put through with a smile and joy in their heart. Along with being an active member in her church and working for an online public school, Katie regularly advocates for those who experience developmental disabilities at the Louisiana State Capitol. She is the Region 9 leader for Louisiana Citizens for Action Now (LaCAN) and is a member at large for the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs. When life's challenges seems too much to bear, Katie remembers this quote to keep forging ahead and being the voice for those who have none, “God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling.” -unknown


  1. Katie, my son is barely 7 months old and was, until last night, an exceptionally bad sleeper. He is a very active and demanding baby and I’ve had nothing but sleep deprived nights since he was born, yet I already miss snuggling him at night for his feedings, and miss that tiny round baby, baby face that he had when he was smaller. He already looks like a little boy to me. All this to say, I already have baby fever haha! My husband does not share my yearning though so it will be a while before we try again. In the meantime there are other babies coming soon in the family so I’ll make sure to get my fix from them. Honestly, now that I know what it’s like to have a baby, I can’t imagine NOT having baby fever. Their purity, their innocence, not to mention that fresh baby smell, it’s like a drug. I hope it get’s easier for you! Best of luck.

  2. I did not and did I had so many female problems that I could not take birth control and I had my 1st at 17 here I am going on 52 no more baby making organs left and dying and just wanting to see my youngest of the three boys get married he is 29 now and wanting to see my oldest and his wife have children and wanting to watch the 3 grandchildren I have grow up and get married some day, but its all up to our good Lord, my time is short unless GOD has heard the many prayers and is allowing me more time, but my life is ruff I am hooked up to oxygen and most days I cant breath just walking across my house to the bathroom, so now my question is would it be a curse on me now living like this fighting for every breath or will GOD see my struggles and decide it would be a blessing and take me home, no answer is good, just always love them like there is no tomorrow. GOD bless.

  3. I definitely understand this feeling. It can be so overwhelming, to the point where I refinance/schedule things in my head to afford having another.


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