Go Ahead, Make That Appointment

Go Ahead, Make That Appointment

Mom confession, I’ve been neglecting myself.

Go Ahead, Make That Appointment

As a working mom and wife, it’s so easy to take care of everyone else and forget to take care of yourself. I make sure that my children make their annual doctor’s appointments, but I somehow struggle to make time for my own, only to regret putting them off down the line. I make sure to pack my family a balanced lunch for work and school, but I will often go all day without eating because I didn’t make time to pack my own healthy lunch. But as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So recently I finally decided to show myself some love beyond the typical one-off “self-care” mani/pedis and bubble baths. Not only am I drinking more water and moving more, but I’m taking steps to improve my overall mental and physical health by rounding up my own team of health professionals.

Go Ahead, Make That AppointmentIt is recommended that women enlist a health care team that includes visiting the following doctors annually to maintain good health: a Gynecologist, a Dentist, a Dermatologist, an Optometrist, and of course, a Primary Care Doctor or PCP. The PCP is like the coach of your health care team, performing your yearly physical exam and making sure you are in overall good health. Seeing your PCP on a regular basis will help with monitoring any risk factors and preventing serious illnesses in the future. Your Primary Care Doctor is your go to for specialist referrals. Need to see a dermatologist or a pediatrist? Your PCP can help with that. Your Primary Care Doctor is also your first step to addressing mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. 

Go Ahead, Make That Appointment Go Ahead, Make That Appointment   Go Ahead, Make That Appointment

In addition to scheduling your annual physical exam, creating a wellness “game plan” will help you reach your wellness goals. Here are ten healthy habits – from head to toe – for a healthier life:

  1. Look after your mental health
  2. Don’t forget your annual optometry appointment.
  3. Visit the dentist every six months.
  4. Schedule a dermatology consultation
  5. Schedule your annual mammogram starting at age 40 or before in if you have certain risk factors
  6. Eat a well-balanced diet choosing a variety of foods from the 5 main food groups.
  7. Stay hydrated – Women should drink about 11.5 cups of water per day.
  8. Schedule your annual gynecological exam.
  9. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  10. Get at least 7 to 8 hours a sleep.

What else would you add to your wellness game plan?

Taking charge of your own health and wellness will not only benefit you but your family as well. I hope this post encourages you to go ahead and schedule (and keep) that appointment!

Samii Kennedy Benson
Dr. Samii Kennedy Benson is Originally from Columbia, South Carolina. She was a nomad for many years living in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Baltimore before accepting a professorship at Southern University and taking root in Zachary, LA with her family in 2018. Samii is married to her electrician husband DeQugan and together they have three girls: her bonus daughter Jordan (17), Honour (12) and Streeter (3). Samii holds three degrees, a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (formerly Home Economics) from the HBCU, SC State University, a MS in Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors from UGA and a PhD. in Apparel Merchandising and Design from Iowa State. When she is not teaching, thinking about, or trying on the latest fashions, she enjoys traveling, family time, and DIY-ing. A perfect day for Samii would include a Mardi Gras parade – bonus points if she’s rolling with her krewe, the Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale - a Target run, Tex-Mex and Margaritas!


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