How To Style A Fall Tiered Tray

How does one get in the fall spirit when the average degree across North America is 95°? I am not sure when the temps will allow us to pull out those cozy sweaters and bundle up around a bonfire but in the meantime, one of my favorite ways get in any season/holiday spirit is styling my tiered tray. Mine just got all dressed up for fall and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Disclaimer: I do not claim to know what I’m doing! I just love home decor and decorating and all that that entails.

These tiered trays popped up on my Pinterest when I was looking for home decor ideas last Christmas. I instantly fell in love with the idea and here’s why: the possibilities are ENDLESS! They are the most modern accessory to add instant character to your home and they can be such a lovely addition to any holiday decor. It is now my most favorite item to decorate in my house!

This is the tray I have. I got it at Hobby Lobby on a week that they were 50% off (all about saving that money). You can also find them at TJ Max, Amazon, Home Goods, and Kirkland’s. These trays come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that you’re sure to find one to fit your style and budget.

Before you begin decorating your tray, you’ll want to decide on a color scheme. My fall theme this year is all about the muted fall colors. So white pumpkins, lightly colored blues, and a dulled orange just for a pop of color. Sticking with two main focus colors and just one accent color is the best combination.

Main Pieces

First thing I do is to start with my “main pieces” – be that a sign, a mug, a candle, a pitcher, or a plant. To me, what looks best is repeating in opposition to each tier. So if one main piece goes to the left side on the bottom tier, then put the main piece to the right on the middle tier. The eye seems to have a more harmonious visual that way. Think symmetry!

Using Greenery

Bring in nature by adding in greenery on every tier whether you choose for it to be potted, stems, faux, or real. Add it in the same manner as the main pieces are added. A lot of times I will use a mug as a “plant pot.” I just twist the stems together and put it in my mug of choice. You can also run with the “bring in nature” approach and add in things like wood slices or acorns.


Height is everything in tiered trays – especially with trays like these. Since the outer lip is a bit tall, sometimes words or designs are cut off. Also, adding in height provides a fuller look. These stands are my absolute favorite way to add in height. I get these from Target dollar spot and Hobby Lobby.

Add “Fillers”

Usually this means to add in mini stackable things like teacups, mini water cans, flower pots, beaded garland, to fill up the tiered tray. But since we are approaching fall I thought more along the lines of hay bales, mini pinecones, and pumpkins. If this were a Christmas dressed tiered tray, fillers could be faux wrapped presents, ornaments, and reindeer figurines. Target dollar spot, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Dollar Tree are all good places to keep your eye peeled for fun miniature items to add in.


Spend a few minutes evaluating the tiered tray to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing look. I like to move things around a time or two (or ten) just to ensure that I have repeating objects on each tier for a more cohesive look. Remember there is no right or wrong way to style a tray, just have fun with it!

Now that my fall tiered tray is all dressed, I think I can feel that cool fall breeze coming. Haha who am I kidding? But I can dream, right?

Do you use tiered trays as a part of your home decor?


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