I’m Not Crafty, But I DIY!

I’m Not Crafty, But I DIY!

Let’s face it, all moms aren’t the “I found it on Pinterest” type of momma. If this sounds like you, then we may just be kindred spirits!

Take a trip with me for a moment. A few years ago my son had a “Leprechaun” project to complete … I totally panicked. I do NOT do projects, arts, crafts, etc. So, I stopped at the store and literally bought every item relatively close to St. Patrick’s Day and green. On the ride home, we decided to stop at Chick-fil-A for family night. (I was honestly just buying time.) While sitting there, a few moms started talking about how much they love a DIY and craft project. I immediately shared that my son had a project that was stressing me out. I was legitimately hoping to get some ideas. Much to my delight, one of the moms offered to help. Let me tell you, I sprinted to my car to grab the bags of materials and brought them into Chick-fil-A. And VOILA! My son’s project was completed.

Now that was a six or seven years and numerous school projects ago. No, I’m not about to announce that I’m suddenly the crafty queen.

However, I have discovered a DIY workshop here in Baton Rouge that allows me to pretend, if only for a few hours.

I’m Not Crafty, But I DIY!There are several DIY style places in the Baton Rouge area such as: the Bougie Bar, The AR Workshop, DIY Disco Cocktails and Crafts, Pinspiration, and more. However, I have personally visited the Bougie Bar and the AR Workshop.

Both places allow you to bring in food, friends, and libations!

AR Workshop also offers classes and camps for kiddos and couples. Some of the classes I’ve mastered the art of DIY in are wine bottle painting, charcuterie boards (we made the board and learned how to assemble the small bites), foyer coat hook, wine bottle painting, and much more. I have even had several parties (including one for my daughter who is under ten) or Girls Nights Out there. Each time we had an amazing time and are always looking for a reason to return. Most of your projects can be taken home the same day.

While at Bougie Bar, we were able to choose from hundreds of fragrance combinations for candle pouring. An important detail to note about candle pouring is that you will have to leave your candle for at least 72 hours to give it time to set. So make sure you factor that in when planning your visit. Also, candle pouring may not be the best activity for folks visiting for a few days.I’m Not Crafty, But I DIY!

So if you’re like me and find yourself DIY challenged, find whichever DIY studio / workshop and be the DIY Queen for a few hours. The added bonus is your projects look great and you can brag to your visitors … they never have to know you had a little help (wink).

Note: This is not a paid endorsement for any of the entities listed, rather an honest experience from an artistically challenged mom!

Dee Odom grew up in Jonesboro, LA. Dee earned a Bachelors from Grambling State University in Grambling, LA and a Masters from the rival school Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA. However, the rivalry only lasts for one Saturday in November, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Dee has a strong passion for public policy, social justice, and cooking. Therefore, it is no surprise that this self-proclaimed foodie met her husband, Chef Brandon while trying a new spot, and ultimately co-founded Odom’s Kitchen (eatwithodoms.com). Together Dee and Brandon have two amazing children. One of the things she loves most about being in Louisiana is providing her children with access to three living great-grandparents. Additionally, Dee and Brandon enjoy entertaining friends and family through food and laughs.


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