Mentor Me, Mama

The friendship between the young mom and the veteran mom; it happens accidentally. It is a slow start. At first, there is the Boyz II Men VS Jonas Brothers discussion. The generational gap is acknowledged. Then fashion advice is given. Only certain tennis shoes should be worn with jeans. This is a fact. At this point, a smooth give and take is established. 

The young mom will give all the fashion advice ever needed. Teach you what a loaded tea is and why it is needed to survive. Recommend the best drug store makeup dupes. Always know the best TV shows. Show you the right bloggers to follow. Teach you about

The veteran mom will give you all the hand-me-down clothes you’ll ever need. Teach you how to survive on 6 broken hours of sleep. Recommend the best pair of Spanx. Always know the best kid-friendly recipes. Show you the correct way to swaddle. Teach you how to survive holidays with kids.

Being the young mom in this friendship, I can surely admit I would not survive without these daily quick texts that keep me sane.


I am forever indebted to the veteran moms who took me under their wings. They answered every call and every text without hesitation, no matter how ridiculous the question. They told me the mom guilt is real, the tears are okay, and the day your baby smiles is one you will never forget. They comforted me when my jeans would not button, my bras would not fit, and honestly admitted the pre-baby body will not be seen again.

So when asked what I love about motherhood, I can for sure say it is the friendships you make. You find moms who GET YOU. Moms who are more honest than you can imagine. Moms that love your baby (almost) like their own.

So experienced mommas, please go out and find a young mom to mentor. We promise to make it worth your while.

PS. The Jonas Brothers are the only boy band that got better with age.

Kelli DeLarue
Kelli DeLarue has never met a stranger. She is personable and enjoys learning new things—especially when it comes to navigating motherhood. Kelli and her husband, Carson, welcomed their first son, Henry, in August of 2020. Baby boy number two is on the way! Kelli‘s passion is teaching. She has been a teacher in the Baton Rouge area for four years. She just decided to hang up the teaching hat and go full time mom. She enjoys reading books to her son, eating great food with her husband, and going to mass with her family.. One of Kelli’s great joys is sharing advice, life hacks, and encouragement. She hopes that her blog posts can help fellow moms feel supported and welcomed.


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