Musings on Beauty Part 2



  1. excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements
  2. the quality of being worthless or futile
Image by Heart Photography

My conversation with a local professional photographer:

Me – “I can’t believe women aren’t knocking down your door to have their portraits done!”

Photographer  – “Many women don’t want to seem vain.”

VAIN?!? That was the last thought on my mind as my sister and I experienced a wonderful bonding afternoon having our makeup and hair done. We posed for “beauty” portraits and left giddy and feeling great about ourselves.

This was a birthday present for my sister. Of course, everything is more fun with a friend, so I had to suffer through it. My mother was the one who encouraged us to buy the prints from the portrait session. “You girls are in your prime. You are both beautiful, and you should capture this moment in time or you will be sorry.” (Basically, it’s all downhill from here…thanks, Mom.)

Image by Heart Photography

When the portraits were ready, I proudly showed them off to my husband, family and friends. These images are what we really looked like that day; no Photoshopping, no retouching- just professional makeup, great hair styling, amazing lighting and posing. This is what we look like at our absolute best. And I have to say, after looking in the mirror to a makeup-free, unwashed-hair, sleep-deprived mom for the last seven years, I love it. I see the woman my husband fell in love with.

Mothers do so much for everyone else but rarely for ourselves. We feed our families, tackle the laundry, clean our homes, kiss boo-boos, tend to our husbands’ needs, etc. We don’t think twice about having our kid’s portraits made (several times a year). We dress them up to look their best and pose them in front of a camera. When the prints are ready, we show them off and brag about how cute they are. But what if someone gives us a compliment on our hair or clothing?

“What? This old thing?”

We take the attention away from ourselves.

In my mind, vanity is a state of mind. (Thanks, Hollywood) Vanity is not a mom doing something for herself one day out of the year.

Image by Heart Photography

So, I challenge all moms to do something for YOU. (Yes Mom, you too!) I don’t care if you wish your hair were longer. I don’t care if you want to lose 10 pounds first. Plan for it today. Make that appointment for a massage, call your old friend for lunch, buy the expensive makeup you’ve had your eye on. Have amazing portraits taken and love them. Do something for YOU!

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Christie is a stay-at-home mom to 3 gorgeous kiddos, Logan (7), Audrey (5), and Brianna (3). She was born and raised in Baton Rouge and finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at LSU. She married her handsome hubby in 2006 and started a family in Saint Francisville, LA. Christie started blogging when she had a traumatic life experience in 2011. She lost a twin baby girl and began to heal by telling her story at Homeschooling, photography ( and volunteering are this mommy’s passion and she is ready to share with other moms in her community.


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