What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy

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What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy

Congrats you are growing toes in that belly of yours. Pregnancy is an exciting time and also full of a lot of unknowns. As moms we know there are plenty of things to worry about but your dental health doesn’t have to be one of them during pregnancy. Spring Hatfield, a hygienist at Bencaz Family Dentistry, sat down with us to share the basics of prenatal dental care.

What to Expect

During pregnancy, we can all remember googling every little change and asking ourselves, “Is this normal?” Spoiler alert, it is probably normal, but it is always best to check with your care providers.

Due to a shift in hormones and the pH level of our saliva, you may notice some shifts in your oral health including but not limited to :

  • Pregnancy Gingivitis – those pesky bleeding gums commonly appear during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy our mouth becomes a more vulnerable environment for bacteria and plaque.
  • You body may not fight off plaque and bacteria as easy.
  • Sometimes during the second trimester (typically) you may notice some gum inflammation.
  • Morning sickness can damage tooth enamel.

What Can You Do?

It’s important that you pay special attention to your oral health during pregnancy because of the changing habitat in your mouth. There are simple steps you can take in your daily routine and the length of your pregnancy.

  • Let’s just start with the basic and most important, BRUSH and FLOSS. Brush twice a day at least. If you find your normal toothbrush is causing problems, switch to an extra soft bristle brush. Floss at least once a day. Your gums may be tender and bleed. This is normal, but if you find it to be excessive, check with your dental provider.
  • Keep those six month appointments. In fact some dental insurance providers approve more frequent appointments during pregnancy. Not sure if yours does, check with your dental provider. If you don’t have dental insurance, Bencaz Family Dentistry offers a Discount Dental Plan that is perfect!
  • Drink a glass of water with meals and between meals to rinse away debris that may be lingering.
  • Got morning sickness? Rinse with a baking soda water mix. Just a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water. Rinse and spit.
  • Your dentist may recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash to help your body fight off plaque and bacteria.
  • Make sure to eat plenty of whole foods: vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, and proteins. Limit sugar intake and drink lots of water to make sure you keep your chompers in amazing condition. This is especially important as  your baby’s teeth begin to develop during the second trimester of pregnancy and they need nutrients.

Is Dental Care Safe During Pregnancy?

Of course! We also work with your OB to make sure any treatment is approved by them as well. Keep your regular appointments. While laying in that chair may not be super comfortable, it is definitely safe. Your dental team will do everything they can to create the most comfortable experience.

Still Have Questions?

Bencaz Family Dentistry is here to help. You can contact them on Facebook or through their website to set up a consultation with one of their team members. They can walk you through your dental insurance, or lack there of, and of course the nitty gritty of your oral hygiene.


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