Not Another ADHD Medication Shortage

Whether it’s avoiding the mom shame game or the challenges of having multiple young kids, we think that the best way to work through motherhood is together. No topic is off limits, even if it means getting honest about body image issues for young girls in Baton Rouge. ADHD is another topic that requires support and understanding, especially when having a child diagnosed with ADHD.

Y’all, I am writing this after a long past 4 days with no ADHD medication for my son. When you know you know. This ADHD medication shortage is no fun, for parents or individuals in need of this medication.

Not another ADHD Medication Shortage.

The alert comes through my Walgreens app. ‘Your medication is unable to be refilled. Delayed.’ There are times when this alert is just an inconvenience, but then there are times when it is absolutely dreaded. Today is one day that I am dreading this alert. I know I am not alone in my feelings.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago. He truly cannot function to full capacity without his medication. Boredom causes anger, and he is a mean child. This is sad to see because we know that he is truly a sweetheart. When your mind can’t function normally due to ADHD, you are firing on all cylinders. You can’t regulate what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

ADHD and ADHD Medication ShortageFor Brady, food will fill his void whenever he can do it. Due to issues with his ADHD medication, he has gained over 20 pounds in the past 3 months. We are now having to hide food or just stop buying his favorites because he can’t help but eat. The sad thing is that he doesn’t even realize he is overeating. He just eats and eats. When asked how much he has eaten, he thinks it has only been a few crackers or pieces of cheese.

How do we manage the days?

My son usually will take his ADHD medication every day. This helps him function with everyday tasks without feeling overstimulated or agitated. Due to the shortage, we are omitting his medication while he is not in school. Y’all, it is so hard to not feel defeated on these days.

He is frustrated and my patience is past zero. The only thing I have found to make it not as brutal is either time on his Nintendo Switch, Roblox, or Lego sets. For a child with ADHD, this can only go so far. If they aren’t feeling stimulated, then they become agitated and start looking for the next ‘high’.

For us, it is the meanness and agitation that is the worst. If only we could find a way to combat this anger. Ughhh. If you are a parent of a child with ADHD, know that you aren’t alone in this battle. It can feel like you are on this lonely island alone some days.

Here’s to hoping that this ADHD medication shortage will soon come to an end and we can get rid of the fear of ‘not another ADHD medication shortage’! How are y’all managing the ADHD medication shortage?

Not another ADHD Medication Shortage

Clair is a former science teacher turned stay at home mommy to 3 kids, Ryleigh (6), Brady (5) and Chloe (1). She is originally from Mississippi and moved to Louisiana after meeting her husband at Mississippi College. She can’t imagine living anywhere else now. The culture here in Louisiana is the best: from the great food to cheering on the LSU Tigers. Her background in science has her loving to incorporate all things science while at home with her kids. This has led her to the world of blogging! Her blog, The Sprouting Minds, includes all things ‘mommy’ as well as those engaging kid activities. She hopes she can spread the love of science to other families as well as encourage mothers along the way.


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