Prayers for My Children


Dear sweet child, as I rock you to sleep I pray for you. As I watch you run and play, I pray for you. As I wipe your tears, I pray for you. When you are with me and away from me, I pray for you. I pray for you everyday. All day. Constantly I am praying for you. I pray for you more than you will ever know. When I pray for you, my words are the same…

I pray you know my love. Always know I love you. I pray that when I wrap my arms around you, you feel safe and secure. I pray that you will never fear when I am around. I pray that you know I would give my own life to save yours. I pray you always know I am your biggest fan. No matter time or difference, I am your mother and will love you always. Forever, you are welcome in my arms.

I pray that you have self-confidence. I pray you can tackle any challenge placed in front of you. I pray that you always know your value and worth no matter what the world says. I pray that you always know you were wonderfully and beautifully made. Perfect, exactly the way you were meant to be. I pray you are always yourself because that is the best you can be. You have a purpose, and I pray you know it.

I pray your innocence will last. I know the day will come when the rose-colored glasses will be removed. I know you will see the harsh and cruel realities of the world. I pray even in that moment, you have compassion. Love. Humility. Kindness. I pray you live as though you are still wearing those rose-colored glasses. I pray you allow your light to shine bright in a dark world. I pray that you always have hope in a better tomorrow regardless of what today says. For you and for mankind, never give up. Never fall to negativity. There is bad, but there is always good. Seek it. Find it. Share it with the world.


I pray you are healthy. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I pray that if my own ideas of health is different from God’s, that He cradles you and cares for you in a way I never could. I pray that you don’t know pain and suffering. I pray that should you know suffering, that you realize suffering is not meaningless. I pray that He give me strength to trust His plan for your life and help you live it to the fullest.

Most importantly, I pray you know God. I pray you know there is a higher power that is greater than anything we can fathom and that this higher power loves you more than I ever could. I pray in sadness and in joy, you feel the presence of God and always know true happiness is in Him. I pray you see the goodness you can achieve with that high power and how you alone can change the world. I pray that He use you for His glory. I pray that you see His purpose for your life and that you follow it.


You are magnificent. Beautiful, inside and out. You are the ultimate masterpiece designed by our Creator. You will move mountains if only you chose to follow your heart. For all this I pray…

Lisa is a 29-year-old Baton Rouge area native. After high school, she applied for and auditioned with New York University’s Theatre Education program. Before she heard if she was accepted, she met the man of her dreams and never opened the letter from NYU! She instead remained close to home and attended LSU. In 2007 she married Daniel, a fire fighter. In 2010 she gave birth to their daughter Ava Elise, and then in 2013, she gave birth to their second daughter, Emmeline Margaret. They have suffered the loss of five pregnancies, which has helped shape their goals and ideas as parents. Lisa’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her family any chance she can. She practices gentle parenting and natural living. Her hobbies include cooking and decorating for any holiday. You will often find her and her family at festivals, parades, and any event with a good Swamp Pop band playing. She is an active member of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Engaged Encounter community, which holds retreats for engaged couples to help them be better prepared for marriage. More than anything, Lisa loves to laugh and smile and give glory to God.


  1. Beautifully written expression of you heart. We are blessed that you are the mother of our grandchildren. The wife of our son Daniel.

  2. I came across this while searching on the Internet. How beautiful this is. I want to save it forever and share it with my children. You inspire me. May God continue to flow through you and guide you.

    God Bless you.


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