Pulse Check Survey :: Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?

Pulse Check Survey :: Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?


We are officially nearing completion of the first two months of the new year. Some decided to forego the new year’s goals and resolutions to lower self-inflicted pressures, which can certainly be beneficial for some life seasons. Others have risen to the challenge of defining ambitious objectives for the new year. For the moms who are determined to set goals, like myself, here’s a simple pulse-check to help identify if you are on track.

At the beginning of this year, we learned how to set goals for 2024 and keep them. Helpful tips of creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals, also known as SMART goals, were shared to give you a recipe for success.

Did you set your SMART goals? Did you follow the simple steps of making your goals visible and getting your family involved? The last ingredient in the recipe was to pulse-check your progress.

So here we go!

First, answer the 6 short questions below. Be honest!

Pulse Check Survey – Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?

Pulse Check Survey – Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?

If you answered “No” or “Not Satisfied” to any of these questions, here is your opportunity to course correct.

First, what does it really mean to course correct?

Simply put, imagine you are following your Maps app to a destination, and you accidentally take a wrong turn, or you make a pit stop along the way. The map will course correct you, putting you back on your path, adjusting your arrival time and route if necessary.

Pulse Check Survey – Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?So, when you consider course correcting yourself to achieve your goals, you must do the following:

  1. Accept where you are in your journey, no matter the reasons for how you got off course. Whether the cause of the delay in progress is controllable or not, you’re here and reading this article, so you are still willing to work for your goals.
  2. Remember that it takes more effort to start than to continue. Newton’s laws of physics teach us that far more energy must be used to begin motion than to sustain it. If you have not yet started towards one of your goals, do not be discouraged. Be realistic in understanding that starting is the hardest part.
  3. Don’t get into the defeatist mindset. You will become your own worst enemy. Negativity can crush momentum, and a positive outlook can give you the gift of courage and commitment to the goals that you need to succeed.

Now, if you answered “Yes” or “Satisfied”, or “Very Satisfied” to the questions, congratulations! You are on your way to crushing your goals. As you venture into the next several months, here are some things to reflect on:

  1. Remember what got you to the point of answering “Yes”… YOU! Your determination, dedication, and bravery have propelled you forward in your journey.
  2. You are not out of the clear on reverting to bad habits, every day is still a choice to work towards your goals. Stay unwavering in your commitment to yourself.
  3. Encourage those around you to stay involved, engaged, and devoted to your target objectives. A family that wins together can conquer anything!

Pulse Check Survey – Where Are You On Meeting Your 2024 Goals?Finally, whether you answered “No” or “Yes”, “Not Satisfied” or “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”, keep in mind that you still have 10 months left on your journey. Break down your goals into achievable steps, celebrate your successes, give yourself grace when things are not on track, and have the resolution to demolish any doubts that enter your mind. You and your family can do this, one day at a time, if you remain a TEAM and committed to your goals.

You Got This!


Kimberly Wigglesworth
Kimberly is a wife, mom, friend, community leader, and full-time business executive. She’s a Baton Rouge native, third-generation LSU grad with an MPA, and a self-proclaimed champion of both mastering chaotic schedules and creating coocoo jingles (mostly about burps, butts, and farts) to laugh kids out of tantrums. She enjoys playing board games with her husband and friends, jamming to throwback songs from the 90s, hosting neighborhood game nights, and spending time with her family and two puppies. Coffee is her crutch and comedy is her prescribed medicine for life’s insanity.


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