Reflecting on Grandparents Day

I love the idea of Grandparents Day! What a sweet time to reflect on the people that helped to shape you and shape your parents.

I did not grow up with grandparents living nearby.  My maternal grandparents lived in Venezuela and my paternal grandparents lived in New York.  So it was a long trip to visit either set of grandparents.

I was very fortunate to spend one long summer in Venezuela, and I even went to school there for a couple of months, but I really cannot say that my grandparents helped raise me.

The difference between one family and another can be light years different.

My husband, on the other hand, lived on the same street as his mother’s parents. She did help raise him. He would spend afternoons at his MawMaw’s house eating snacks and spending the night like it was his second home. That was something that I had only read about in books or seen in movies. I cannot imagine what living near my grandparents would have been like. Afternoons with access to all of their candy. Slumber party and movie nights where my grandparents might let me stay up a little later than I was allowed.
My parents live in Dallas. Summers at their house in Dallas is the dream I have for my kids, although I wish they lived down the street. We take weekend trips to Dallas whenever we can and they are no strangers to Baton Rouge. It is always an adventure for the boys! Whether it is a 12 hour day in the pool or museums and movies galore. Fortunately, my husband’s parents live nearby, so I am grateful that our boys get to go to Mamaw and Pop’s house to ride four wheelers whenever they want. They also get to have Mamaw put them to bed when we are away for the night.

The idea of a grandparent is subjective.

For me, it was seeing my Grandpa and Grandma every couple of years in New York and when they would come to visit us. I would have an absolute blast with them and it was always a vacation! And on my mom’s side, when we went to Venezuela, I have great memories of beach houses, spending time with cousins in Venezuela, and the most fun Abuelo and sweet Abuela.

For my children, it looks more like my husband’s life where they get to see their Mamaw every couple of weeks and their Poppy and Yaya every month or two. A great aunt who would drop anything to see her great nephews. I’m excited to hear their stories of how their lives were shaped by being near their grandparents.

Grandparents give off a special love; a love a parent can’t give. Their love sees their grandchildren just where they are and always appreciates the stages because they know just how quickly those ages will be gone. They deserve to be honored with a special day.
Nicki Hood
I am a wife and mom to 3 boys. In my free time you'll find me weight lifting or reading. I love going to a good farmer's market on the weekends and traveling is my absolute favorite! I was born in Miami, grew up in Atlanta, went to high school in Texas, and went to college at LSU where I majored in Communication Disorders. After a stint working as an SLP-A, I now focus my energy on raising our sons.


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