Setting a Family Boundary

Growing up, I was taught that family comes first, always! It wasn’t until I had my own family that I knew what that truly meant. I never knew how to truly love a person so much until I had my own child, and yes I’m sure a lot of you parents know what I mean. You look at this human, and you realize this person you’re in charge of. You have to keep this human being alive somehow. Yeah I know that sounds kind of crazy, but it’s true. I went through so much as a child and until I moved out of my family home, I never knew what true love was until that crazy magical day happened.

I started to realize that no matter what, I would never put my child in any harm’s way as long as I live. I grew up pretty quick when I had my son. I hope no one will ever have to go through the trauma I went through as a child. I was one of those people that read the parenting blogs and stories in the news and watched the shows. I was so invested in becoming the semi-best mommy.

I wanted to know how to be a good parent because I didn’t have that growing up. No, my parents weren’t the worst. I’m alive because of them, but things happened to me and I never really understood how to face my emotions or how to talk about it. I was taught that anything I saw or heard was kept quiet and only for people in our home to know. So when I had my child, I had to learn to set boundaries for people, especially people in my family. You know how I was taught family always comes first? Well, growing up, I thought that meant the family that I grew up with always came first as well. 

It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized that MY family comes first. If I feel like someone is are a danger to my child, I will set a boundary. I wasn’t taught about boundaries growing up, but now I know what it means. I set boundaries left and right, and I don’t like it, but I feel like it gives a whole new meaning of learning how to deal with your emotions and knowing who is good and bad in your life.

I have set boundaries for how my children and I am treated. I have also learned that if I feel uncomfortable in a situation, I walk away or remove myself from that situation. A boundary can mean a lot of things to different people, but to me, a boundary is about protection. So if you feel like a person is mistreating you or making you feel uncomfortable or you are in a toxic environment, you can set that boundary. I also have found it more valuable if you let the person(s) know you are setting that boundary. 

So, set that healthy boundary!

I’m Priscila. Originally from Dallas, Texas but was raised in Southeast Louisiana. I currently live in Denham Springs with my fiancé, son Noah (7) and daughter Violet (3). I also have a bonus child Bella (11). I am a stay at home mom till my youngest starts school. You’ll mostly find me in a carpool line, dance and karate with my little ones. I am a regular shopper at Costco and Target. I like to spend my weekends with my five sisters, usually trying out a new restaurant or with the whole family playing card games. If I’m not busy, I will most like likely be binge watching Law & Order SVU.


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