Superhero Principles

At home, on any random day, you’ll find me and my two boys running around the house as superheroes. It’s always the best. We even have our own hero soundtrack.

Most of the time we do random karate moves, preparing to save the Earth from “bad” guys. It’s great exercise. But when my joint “pops,” Jack likes to tell me I need more oil. It’s great emotional exercise as well. My heart always fills with joy.

I think it’s important that we remember and hold tight to the principles of superheroes. There’s so much to be admired about them.

Superheroes are the epitome of integrity. They’re honest. Superheroes aren’t perfect. A lot of their scenarios start with a hero making a choice that wasn’t great. Instead of spending tons of time dwelling on the effects of the said decision, superheroes work together to fix it.

The heroes help the best they can in any situation. When they see a problem, it becomes a priority to fix it. They make a plan in steps and go through each one to remedy the problem. They don’t spend extra time agonizing about the situation.

They know their gifts and their limitations.  You’ll never see the Hulk flying around. You’ll never see Superman turning into an Ant. We’re all special in our own ways. There’s no need for one hero to be responsible for all superpowers. Each superhero has their own identity.

Superheroes make time for their companions. They celebrate their victories, they help each other through struggles, and they share a desire for peacefulness. Life can be lonely when spent by oneself.

I hope we continue to play superheroes for years to come. The fun, the exercise, and the lessons are all so meaningful. My heart rejoices in all of the playtimes and I’m grateful for all of the memories we’ve made. I hope you and yours have a super day too.


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