Take Me Out to the Ball Game

bball3This year, February 14  is a big day in our household. We don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year we already have plans. It’s opening day at Alex Box for the 2014 LSU Baseball season. We are season ticket holders and have been for the last three years. We are taking a cue from some friends, who are also season ticket holders, and making opening night a date night. Many other games will be enjoyed by the four of us as a family, but opening night it will just be the two of us and a few thousand other Tiger fans.

We have brought our kids to countless football and baseball games, but in my opinion, baseball games are the most kid friendly.


A few reasons why I enjoy baseball games with my kids:

  1. Laid Back Atmosphere: Baseball games don’t require you to be at LSU all day.  We tailgate for a few games each year, but it’s nothing like football games. The kids have enough room to run around without getting in other people’s space.
  2. Parking: There is plenty of parking just a short distance from the stadium. You are able to find available legal  spots right up until game time. (Out of the question for football games.)
  3. Playgrounds: They have two playgrounds to entertain the kids. We tell our kids that their ages aren’t allowed to go on playground until 6th inning. That way we are able to stay in our seats for the majority of the game. My only suggestion to LSU would be put TV screens around playground so parents could see game without looking through fence.
  4. Crowd: The crowd is not as offensive as you might find in Tiger Stadium . Since people aren’t tailgating all day, intoxicated people are a rare sight.
  5. Understanding of the Game: The game is just not as intense, which makes it easier for kids to follow along.
  6. Schedule: There are 3 games each home weekend. This allows for parents to choose the game that fits best with their schedule. Also, they don’t start SEC play until mid March so the first few weekends are great games to take the kids.  We sit with a few families so the Moms mark off empty bleachers around our seats and allow the kids to go between the backpacks.
  7. Kid Involvement: Kids are allowed to bring their gloves.  Between innings, you will see the kids run to the fence in the hopes that they catch the ball that the Right fielder (where we sit) tosses to the crowd.
  8. Tickets: Baseball admission prices are extremely reasonable. You can bring a family of four (not including refreshments) for around $50.

We are lucky to live in a town where college sports are part of our culture.  This season you should take the time to give your children a lesson in loving LSU baseball; after all, baseball is America’s pastime.

Allison is a New Orleans native and moved to Baton Rouge in 2005. She and her high school sweetheart married in 2006 and have two amazing kids, Avery and Bennett. She works full-time as a pediatric Speech Pathologist and feels that these kids are her second family. She believes that parenting truly is the hardest job in world. She is learning everyday how to balance marriage, kids, work and personal time. She enjoys tailgating for LSU events, soaking in New Orleans culture and being outside with friends and family as much as possible. Allison has a passion for long and usually loud talks with friends over good food and wine, loves photography and escaping into a great book.


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