Take The Day Off

Take The Day Off

Once upon a time, before I had my youngest, I hated taking time off. I can’t explain it. I would drive from Zachary to New Orleans and back again, just for work. Looking back, that was insane (for me because I don’t like to drive that much). Once, I had a tire completely blow out and still drove to work. I even did it when I was the only one getting up with a newborn, even pregnant with the absolute worst morning (all day) sickness

Take The Day Off

Looking back, I wonder about all of the things I missed that I didn’t have to miss. My big boy went through so many milestones in nursery. Even though I was friendly with the nursery attendants, I was so hurt leaving my boy there every morning. They let me know when he started trying to talk, when he started trying to walk, and when he stopped taking daily naps. 

Then my brother suggested I spreadsheet my expenses before my little boy made it here.

Turns out, after travel expenses (gas, oil changes, etc.) I’d bring home around $200/month. All of the stress for $200? That was insane. But I was so busy running, I never stopped to think about what I was gaining. I just felt if I went to work every single day, then I was a good person that good things would happen to. That my job would show me the loyalty that I showed my job. For the most part, that job was the best I have ever had. I met the best people and had so many great experiences, it was a chapter I’ll never forget.

Now that I’m working again, I’ll take off if I need to.

Take The Day Off

My job right now gives me a lot of grace. No more working while missing my children’s programs, missing their sports, and working while exhausted. I’ve even gone to eat lunch with my oldest. I may have absolutely no leave but I’m more at peace this time. My kids know I’ll be there if they need or want me there. Their teachers know the same.

The pain from missing them never goes away but it feels good having rearranged my priorities.

Take The Day Off Take The Day Off


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