To My Dearest Friends: I Hope You Know

Over the last couple of weeks, we have traded in our girl’s nights of wine, venting about our husbands, and trashy television shows for social distancing, homeschooling, family bike rides, and the occasional Zoom call. Even though we haven’t been able to see each other lately, I have a few things I want you to know.

I Will Always Be Just a Phone Call Away

It doesn’t matter if the news is bad or if it is something to celebrate. I hope you know I’ll be on the other end to listen. When words fail me, I hope that my company on the other end of the line can comfort you. I hope you know that you can always vent to me. I will be there to share in your silence, frustration, or rage. I will be there to cry tears of heartache or joy with you.

I hope you know that I will be there to weather the rough times or to celebrate in times of joy. If the fix you need is ice cream or chocolate, I will show up and leave it at your door. Most importantly, I hope you know that our friendship is always in my prayers.

Our Friendship is a Judgement-Free Zone

I hope you know that I will always have on rose-colored glasses when it comes to you. If you need to have a mimosa for breakfast or a glass of wine at 10:00 AM, there will be no comments from me. I will never judge your parenting choices because, let’s face it, parenting is just hard.

Circle of Trust

I hope you know that what is discussed between us will always remain between us. I won’t be shocked by anything and nothing is TMI anymore. Lice? Staph? Weird rashes? Ring Worm? No big deal! You will never have to worry about seeing my husband or our other friends and wondering if they know your secrets.

You are an Amazing Person

I hope you know that you inspire me. You inspire me with your superwoman-like ability to juggle anything and everything with grace and patience. You inspire me to always strive to be a better friend, wife, and mother.

I hope you know that you can always count on me and that I will always have your back. During this “new normal” that we’re living in, I have realized how precious and valuable true friends really are.

Elizabeth Boudreaux
Elizabeth and her husband Nicholas have been married for 13 years. They live in Geismar with their 3 children, Addison (9), Parker (5), and Laurel (2). She is from Franklin, LA and moved to Baton Rouge after receiving her Master’s in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is a Budget Administrator for the Department of Public Safety. She relies on sarcasm, a dry sense of humor, and the occasional cocktail to deal with the daily demands of motherhood. She loves crawfish, clean sheets, vacuuming, and the latest crime documentary on Netflix.


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