My Trip to Brazil…and I Don’t Mean the Country

Trust me … there is a lesson here, hang in there.

I recently scratched an item off of my bucket list and I didn’t even have to pack a bag. While I’d love to take an exciting vacation to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, it just isn’t in the cards (or the budget) right now. But a Brazilian bikini wax … totally doable! With swimsuit season arriving, I decided to take the plunge and have a little professional grooming done for the occasion. And seriously, a Brazilian bikini wax has been on my bucket list for a while; I just never took the plunge for fear of the appointment breaking the bank or umm, removal of ALL of the hair from my girly bits with molten hot lava. But hey, life’s about taking chances so I booked my appointment.

Ladies, let me tell ya as the wax technician crossed the border I was a little terrified. All I could keep in mind was, “I’ve given birth; I’ve got this!” Like childbirth, I knew the temporary discomfort would well be worth the outcome. As she applied the wax and began to pull, the reality of total bareness down below set in. Trust me, this was no at-home wax job or nether region grooming … and the removal continued, until there was NO hair — zero, zilch, nada. Then the technician, which at this point I feel knows way too much of “me” to not be called by her first name, says “hold your legs up for the butt strip.” And that was it y’all, my trip down to Brazil was complete and not nearly as uncomfortable as I had imagined. I left bare, smooth and feeling pretty sexy.

I know, I know, right now you’re thinking, whoa TMI, but let’s look past my perfectly groomed beach do and take a closer look at what I’m really talking about here. It may seem silly, but mustering up the courage and cash to actually pursue this endeavor has seriously been on my to-do list for years. But you know, excuse after another excuse I put it off, like we do with so many things. Well, I’m nearly 35 years old and I’m tired of putting things off in my life. I’m tired of saying “maybe next year” or saving my best pajamas until we go on our next night away (who knows when that will be) or only using my favorite perfume for special occasions. I’m a mom and that means a romantic couples-only getaway to exotic destinations may be far off in my future, but doing the affordable things I’ve wanted to do for FOREVER need to happen right now. I need to make a point in my life to make these experiences happen even if it is just to say that I did them or only to have the amazing feeling of having a totally bare area. Sooo, wear those pajamas, spray on the good perfume to make a workday a bit brighter and by all means, enjoy your damn life because it’s so short.

Jennifer is a native of Houma, LA, but moved to Baton Rouge nearly 10 years ago to be with the love of her life. She and her husband are proud parents to a spunky five-year-old daughter, Kendall, and curious two-year-old son, Keller. Jennifer works part-time as Speech Therapist treating the adult and geriatric populations. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking food from scratch for friends and family, shopping, exercising, volunteering in the community and exploring the wonderful world of wine! Jennifer believes that love is shown through food (as most Louisiana natives do) and enjoys filling the tummies of those for whom she cares. Jennifer is a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Jennifer and her family are proud residents of the Baton Rouge area and love the culture and fun our community has to offer.


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