12 Days of Christmas Crafts :: Day 11

Cue the Christmas music and hang up your stockings, it is finally Christmas time y’all! With only weeks away from Santa’s arrival, we wanted to do something to inspire you to keep the little ones occupied. So, we bring you “12 Days of Christmas Crafts.” Much like the popular Christmas song, we will give to you a new Christmas craft idea for 12 consecutive days. The posts will include everything you need to know from ingredients to instructions to little tips. Let’s get right into it!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Red Stick Mom gave to me … hand painted gingerbread house ornaments.

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This sweet Christmas craft is great for kids of all ages! Turn terra pots into a precious ornament with a little paint and ribbon.

What you’ll need:

  • Terra pot
  • Acrylic paint in many colors
  • Paint brush or q-tips
  • Ribbon

If your kids are younger, use a pencil to outline where they will apply paint. If your kids are older, you can skip this step and let them free hand paint. Note: we will be working with the pot upside down.

How to:

  • Outline “snow drips” at the top of the pot. Go over with white paint, coloring in the outline to the end of the pot.
  • This project is all about adding shapes to keep it simple. So, draw half an oval at the bottom of the pot. It will be the door. Then draw a square on each side of the door. This will be the windows. Now add choice paint and fill in both the door and windows. Don’t forget the doorknob!

  • Now comes the fun part! Adding details! You can add candy canes or gumdrops or wreaths or any choice decor to make it look a gingerbread house. Let them get creative with this part!
  • Final step is painting the bottom lip of the pot white.
  • Add double knotted ribbon inside the pots hole to create an ornament. This step is optional. It would also look precious sitting on a countertop.

Now you have a finished gingerbread house ornament!

I can’t wait to hang ours on the tree.


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