8 Cool Things About LSU Game Day Off Campus

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Being in Baton Rouge, it is no wonder that we will find a way to cheer on our LSU Tigers. This may be on tailgating on campus or enjoying LSU Game Day off campus.

Enjoying those LSU Game Day off campus.

While months of Covid cancelations had everyone a little bummed, it was quite exciting to hear that LSU football would indeed persevere. Then there was the “but” … Death Valley will only be filled to 25% capacity. You’ll be required to wear a mask on campus and in the stadium. No tailgating will be allowed. Mandatory physical distancing.

As elated as we are to have a 2020 football season, this is a huge culture shock for the fun loving, Callin’ Baton Rouge singing set. Tailgating lies at the heart of LSU football and we all know that there’s a special brand of magic in Tiger Stadium during a 6:30 pm kickoff you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

So what’s a die-hard fan to do? There’s always a silver lining, so here are 8 cool things about LSU game days off campus:

Tailgating can be a LOT of work!

Let’s face it, as much as we’d love to imagine that tailgate parties literally appear out of thin air each Saturday, they do not. There’s a lot of effort that goes in to making these southern traditions happen whether you’re the one leading the charge or just a visitor bringing a side dish. With parents so busy these days and struggling to get themselves and the little ones out of the house on gameday, sometimes a covered dish seems impossible. Making a spread at home or getting takeout from one of your favorite haunts can be far more relaxing! 

Family time at home.

Yeah, yeah. I know we’ve all had a LOT of family time since March, but think about how little of it we generally have in the fall. Between hunting season and football season, kids’ activities and back to school chaos, sometimes autumn flies by in a blur. This shift in what LSU’s season will look like forces us to slow down a little and round those kiddos up for an impromptu lesson on the rules of the game or the lyrics to “Hey Fightin’ Tigers!” 

Making new traditions.

We all remember that first trip to Tiger Stadium as a kid and some of us have recently seen it through the eyes of our own children. While nothing quite compares, this year presents the perfect opportunity to create new traditions with your kids. Will you bake cookies at halftime? Will evening kickoffs be a pajama party? Will you snuggle on Saturday mornings while watching College Gameday? There are so many ways to make awesome memories with your little ones this season even if you can’t walk down Victory Hill!

family at LSU game

Avoiding the traffic!

Who hasn’t spent hours trying to get out of a hayfield lot after a close game? Or spent the better part of a lifetime trying to find a parking spot that isn’t on the moon? Those of us without parking tags know the struggle all too well. This year, if you’re lucky enough to make it to a game in person, you’ll likely have your choice of spots. And if you’ll be watching from home, the only parking you’ll do is on your couch! 

The heat…

Louisiana summers can last well into those fall months and those with tickets on the east side of Death Valley know this all too well. This year you can beat the heat at home in the AC, from your shady covered patio, or even in your swimming pool. 

Comfy clothes, ladies?

Female fans of LSU football have all felt the pressure to step up their purple and gold game on Saturdays. To your left there’s Jessica in a sparkly dress from the hot new boutique and to your right there’s Nicole in heeled booties all the while you’re sitting here wishing you hadn’t worn that faded t-shirt and sneakers. There’s no dress code in your living room! Stretchy pants and slippers are even encouraged! No need to stand out there smiling while your full face of makeup melts off onto the pavement and you’re sporting a blister the size of LSU’s lead on Clemson in the Natty. 


See above regarding the heat. While the heat itself is its own player on everyone’s opposing team, the masks are the blind referees missing calls. The great news is that you don’t have to wear a mask in the comfort of your own home or once you’ve been seated at a restaurant watching the game.   

Chance of rain? Wellllll….

They say it never rains in Tiger Stadium, but it’s 2020, folks. Let’s not push our luck. 

No matter what this season might look like for you and your family, one thing remains true: we bleed purple and gold. GEAUX TIGERS!!!



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