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I get a stomach ache every time I see it…someone looking at their phone from behind the wheel.  My mind races with questions like, “Don’t they realize how dangerous that is?”, “Don’t they care about their own safety/livelihood?”, and “Don’t they know my kids are in the car next to them?!” My unanswered questions quickly lead to frustration.  To avoid having my frustration turn into anger, I try to stop and ask myself, “are you 100% focused on your driving 100% of the time?”  The honest answer is no.  While I may have signed the “It Can Wait”, as well as Oprah’s “No Phone Zone” pledges, committing never to text and drive, that doesn't make me immune to distractions...

A Story of Grace

A cell phone vibrating on the table is how Dr. Horenstein described the heartbeat of our unborn child. These words echoed in my soul as we drove to the Heart and Vascular Unit of Memorial Hospital. We were embarking on a journey which would surely leave a mark of grace in its midst. My husband and I moved from Birmingham, Alabama to inner-city Houston in March of 2009, following the urgent call to be on mission for the sake of the gospel. Shortly after this decision, it was clear we should pursue starting a family. Yet, twenty-five weeks into our first pregnancy, we found ourselves sitting in room 408 of the Intensive Critical Care Unit awaiting some semblance of hope from...
One year ago, when my children were two years old and six months old, my husband and I did the unthinkable: we took our family on a vacation to Disney World.  When we told people, one would have thought we were telling them that we were strapping our children on our backs and climbing Mount Everest. "Better you than me!" "Why would you got to Disney World now?  They won't remember any of it." "Are you crazy?" At first, I found all of these questions to be annoying, but then I started to wonder if everyone knew something that I didn't.  So, after questioning my own sanity, I set out on a quest to plan a great family vacation that we would remember...

A Guilty Pleasure

When did having a "guilty pleasure" become a negative thing? Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some people enjoy food, coffee, magazines, and/or music. My Guilty Pleasure is the BRAVO channel. Yes, pretty much the whole channel. Drinking game alert…every time you read the word “Bravo,” take a sip of Pinot until you get Ramona Eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch every show on BRAVO. That would just be crazy and more of an addiction.  Thanks to my trusty DVR, I can enjoy my guilty pleasure whenever I have an opportunity for me time. Nowadays, my me time frequently includes folding clothes and cleaning the house in conjunction with catching up on my shows.  BRAVO is wonderful about replaying shows incessantly and regularly having marathons,...
I anticipated that Jack would be a late walker. I don't know what it was, but from the time he was a tiny newborn I was determined not to rush his gross motor development. He took what seemed like forever to roll over, but I was unfazed. I didn't worry a bit when he waited until 8 months to sit unassisted. And as the months continued to pass, I breezily reassured relatives that "some babies never crawl, they just skip straight to walking." He eventually did start crawling and, later, pulling up and cruising, but at 18 months that's still all he does. Sometime around 15 months my confidence started to waver. I found myself avoiding the park and any other situation where strangers...

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