Embrace Your Child’s Superhero

Embrace Your Child’s Superhero

Embrace Your Child’s SuperheroEvery child is a superhero. They can’t fly or have superhuman strength (Mohammad Ali came close as a baby). But they’re good at so many things that sometimes we, as adults, don’t pay attention to. That doesn’t make it any less amazing. Their pride brings so much joy. Their joy brings adults so much happiness. 

Here are 5 ways I celebrate my superheroes achievements ::

  1. The amazing flips. I can’t be the only one who screams with excitement and claps when their kid does a half flip. They’re also so proud. And it’s contagious. Maybe the half flip roll it IS the best thing you’ve ever seen.
  2. The beginning-to-read reader who stops at every word but is so proud at the end. When you see your child beaming with pride, you’ll be proud too. It doesn’t matter that it an hour to read “Brown Bear,” it was an hour well spent.
  3. The song with no melody. When your child wants to sing you a beautiful song. You hum along and dance. They’re sharing something precious with you. It doesn’t matter that ever song sounds alike, it’s still beautiful.
  4. The family portrait where everyone looks like shriek. Their art is always so amazing. If you squint, it kind of does look like you. I love their artwork. From the scribbles to the family portraits, it’s all amazing. My oldest, still draws all of us brown except one that’s red.
  5. Their grades may not be perfect, but they’re so proud. You celebrate their achievements.

Bottom line, all of the children’s unique abilities are amazing to them. Every time you cheer them on, it validates their importance to you. When you show them how important they are to you, they believe that they are important. They walk around fulfilled and are able to see the good in others as well.

Value your little superheroes ♥️

Embrace Your Child’s SuperheroEmbrace Your Child’s SuperheroEmbrace Your Child’s SuperheroEmbrace Your Child’s SuperheroEmbrace Your Child’s Superhero


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