Hey Barbie Moms: Celebrating Motherhood In All Its Glory!

Hey Barbie Moms: Celebrating Motherhood In All Its Glory!

"Hey Barbie Moms: Celebrating Motherhood In All Its Glory!"

If you went to the movies over the past two weeks, undoubtedly you’ve seen prissy pink outfits, glamorous heels, and perfectly styled hair as “Barbie” hit theaters. Since its release on July 21st, it has grossed over $700 million, positioning it to be one of the top-producing movies of 2023. I admit I gave in to the hype and took my 15-year-old daughter to see the film, dressed in our pink of course. I opted out of bringing my 6-year-old because I wanted to see it first due to the PG-13 rating.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but reflect on my upbringing, my obsession with Barbie as a little girl, and how pretend time with Barbie shaped my idea of womanhood.

A large part of that womanhood is being a mother. Barbie did it all, and could be it all, so I felt like I could, too. I thought of the different types of moms as Barbies all their own. From career-driven professionals to stay-at-home parents, these Barbie moms showcase the multifaceted nature of modern motherhood and inspire girls to dream big while embracing their unique paths in life. I’m honored to know so many women who represent them all. Each woman is a symbol of the beauty of motherhood in its diverse forms.

Dr. Maya, The Trailblazer Mom:

Dr. Maya is a passionate and driven Barbie mom, breaking barriers in the field of medicine. As a renowned pediatrician, she exemplifies dedication, compassion, and the ability to balance her career with family life. Dr. Maya encourages young minds to pursue their dreams fearlessly and empowers them to embrace challenges with grace.

Chef Sofia, The Culinary Mompreneur:

Meet Chef Sofia, the talented Barbie mom who has turned her passion for cooking into a thriving culinary business. She is the embodiment of creativity, perseverance, and the art of turning simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. Chef Sofia reminds her children that following their passions can lead to fulfilling and successful ventures.

Artist Harper, The Creative and Nurturing Mom:

Harper is an artist with an incredible eye for detail and a nurturing soul. She inspires creativity and self-expression in her children and others, showing that the world is a canvas waiting to be painted with imagination and love.

Professor Amelia, The Wise Mom:

Professor Amelia, a brilliant scientist and historian, brings the wonders of the past to life for her children and students alike. With a thirst for knowledge and a heart full of wisdom, she encourages young minds never to stop learning and questioning the world around them.

Coach Maria, The Supportive Sports Mom:

Coach Maria is an energetic and enthusiastic presence on the sidelines, supporting her children and their teammates in their athletic pursuits as a stay-at-home mom. She exemplifies teamwork, perseverance, and the value of good sportsmanship, teaching her children that determination and dedication are essential ingredients for success.

These diverse Barbie moms remind us that motherhood comes in many forms and that each journey is unique and beautiful. Through their stories and roles, they empower others to embrace their passions, dreams, and aspirations, proving that there are no limits to what they can achieve. Whether you indulged in the “Barbie” craze or not, let’s intentionally choose to celebrate the strength, love, and inspiration these moms offer the world and how they inspire others to envision a future where they, too, can positively impact their households, communities, and beyond!


    • Hi Jada! I was a little wary about taking my 6 year old daughter to see the movie. It is not extremely inappropriate, but I was kind of relieved that I had her sit this one out because I was unsure about what to expect. There are some suggested innuendos that probably would have gone over her head, and the final scene where Barbie goes to the “lady doctor” would have been a conversation I wasn’t ready for. All in all, it was empowering but I will most likely wait until my daughter is a little older to let her see it. Hope this helps!


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